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NTCIR-11 MATH (Math)


The NTCIR-11 Math task was: NTCIR Math Task aims to explore search methods tailored to mathematical content through the design of suitable search tasks and the construction of evaluation datasets.

Collection Subtask Document data † (A) Task data ‡(B)  
Document type Language Volume Topic data Relevance judgment Documentation for search topic format Documentation for search topics   Topics with relevance judgment
NTCIR-11 Math  Math Retrieval Main task Scientific Articles En 100,000docs NTCIR11-Math2-queries-participants.xml NTCIR11_Math-qrels.dat NTCIR11-Math2-format.pdf NTCIR11-Math2-queries-participants.pdf 
Math Retrieval Wikipedia Subtask English Wikipedia En - NTCIR11-Math-mathQueries-participants.xml -    NTCIR11-Math-mathQueries3-judges.xml 

† (A)1 Document data is available from KWARC Project for research purpose use. Please contact to:
ntcadm-math .
† (A)2 Data is available from subtask website. Please refer to:
Math Retrieval Wikipedia Subtask website .
‡ (B) Topics for Math Retrieval Subtask and Relevance judgment are available from NII to non-participants for research purpose use. Please see here.

NTCIR-11 Topic data

Math Retrieval Main Task:

Math Retrieval Wikipedia Subtask:


The topic data are available from NII free of charge.


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