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NTCIR-11 MobileClick
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NTCIR-11 MobileClick


The NTCIR-11 MobileClick task is a task where given a query, return a structured textual output that aims to satisfy the user as quickly as possible. Important pieces of information should be prioritized and the amount of text the user has to read should be minimized.

The NTCIR-11 MobileClick Test Collection is the test collection used at the NTCIR-11 MobileClick task,
which comprises:
 (J-1) Test queries used in Japanese subtasks
 (J-2) iUnits used in Japanese subtasks
 (E-1) Test queries used in English subtasks
 (E-2) iUnits used in English subtasks
 (E-3) Evaluation results of English subtasks

For more details, please refer to README.html file
the NTCIR-11 MobileClick overview paper available at the NTCIR online proceedings:


The test collection and data are available from NII free of charge.


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