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NTCIR-12 MobileClick-2

NTCIR-12 MobileClick-2 Task aims to provide direct and immediate mobile information access by automatically generating a concise two-layered summary for a given query.
Systems are expected to minimize text read by the user by presenting important information at the beginning, and to include information relevant to each intent in the second layer.

NTCIR-12 MobileClick-2 Test Collection is a test collection developed for NTCIR-12 MobileClick-2 Task,
which includes the following data:

Note that document collections for training and testing are not included in the test collection.
Please download the document collections at NTCIR-12 MobileClick-2 task website.

NTCIR-12 MobileClick-2 Test Collection consists of the following files:

For more details, please refer to README files and
NTCIR-12 MobileClick-2 task overview paper in NTCIR-12 online proceedings.
Publications/Online Proceedings: http://research.nii.ac.jp/ntcir/publication1-en.html

The test collection and data are available from NII free of charge.


Contact us: ntc-secretariat

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