Eighteenth International Workshop on Juris-informatics
(JURISIN 2024)
associated with JSAI International Symposia on AI 2024 (IsAI-2024)

May 28-31, 2024

ACT CITY Hamamatsu, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan, Japan

New Information

We are happy to announce that Springer Verlag has agreed on publication of proceedings of IsAI2024 (including JURISIN 2024 proceedings) as LNAI!!
Please note that there will be *no extension* for the submission deadline since the schedule of LNAI proceedings is very tight. We will not accept any papers for any reasong after the deadline. We will automatically close the submission page at 31 January (AOE).

Aims and Scope

Juris-informatics is a new research area which studies legal issues from the perspective of informatics. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss both the fundamental and practical issues among people from the various backgrounds such as law, social science, information and intelligent technology, logic and philosophy, including the conventional "AI and law" area. We solicit unpublished papers on theories, technologies and applications on juris-informatics.

Important Dates

Workshop: May 28-31, 2024

Submission Deadline: 31 Jan, 2024 (This is the firm deadline because of tight schedule of publishing LNAI proceedings at the symposium.)
Notification: 29 Feb, 2024
Camera-ready due: 25 March, 2024


Please register the workshop at registration page of JSAI International Symposia on AI 2024.


Relevant topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Model of legal reasoning
  • Argumentation / Negotiation / Argumentation agent
  • Legal term ontology
  • Formal legal knowledge-base / Intelligent management of legal knowledge-base
  • Translation of legal documents
  • Computer-aided legal education
  • Use of informatics and AI in law
  • Legal/Ethical issues on applications of robotics and AI to society
  • Social implications of use of informatics and AI in law
  • AI and intellectual property
  • Legal/Ethical Compliance check of AI Systems
  • Natural language processing for legal knowledge
  • Translating law into formal representation
  • Legal data mining
  • Legal document analysis
  • Legal information retrieval
  • Legal information extraction
  • Verification and validation of legal knowledge systems
  • Online dispute resolution
  • Evidential reasoning
  • Application of Bayesian Network to law
  • AI application to forensics
  • AI application to smart contracts and blockchain
  • Legislation support by AI/IT techniques
  • Any theories and technologies which is not directly related with juris-informatics but has a potential to contribute to this domain


This year, JURISIN will co-located with the Eleventh Competition on Legal Information Extraction/Entailment (COLIEE-2024). The motivation for the competition is to help create a research community of practice for the capture and use of legal information. Please visit the homepage of COLIEE2024 (https://sites.ualberta.ca/~rabelo/COLIEE2024/) to see the detail of the competition.

Invited Speakers



We welcome and encourage the submission of high quality, original papers, which are not simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere. Papers should be written in English, formatted according to the Springer Verlag LNCS style in a pdf form, which can be obtained from https://www.springer.com/gp/computer-science/lncs/conference-proceedings-guidelines and not exceed 14 pages including figures, references, etc. If you use a word file, please follow the instruction of the format, and then convert it into a pdf form and submit it at the paper submission page:

If you cannot submit a paper by EasyChair System by some trouble, please send email to "ksatoh[at]nii.ac.jp"

If a paper is accepted, at least one author of the paper must register the workshop through this page. Without fulfilling this condition, the paper will not be in the proceedings.


We publish accepted papers which have LNAI quality in IsAI2024 proceedings in LNAI series which is different from treatment of the previous years (previously there were post-proceedings).

We also publish another online proceedings other than LNAI proceedings for papers which are not qualified for LNAI publication, but are selected to be presented at the workshop.

JURISIN2024 Programme


Workshop Chairs

Ken Satoh, National Institute of Informatics and Sokendai, Japan
Nguyen Le Minh, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

Steering Committee Members

Yoshinobu Kano, Shizuoka University
Takehiko Kasahara, Toin Yokohama University
Nguyen Le Minh, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
Makoto Nakamura, Niigata Institute of Technology, Japan
Yoshiaki Nishigai, Chiba University, Japan
Katsumi Nitta, National Institute of Informatics, Japan
Yasuhiro Ogawa, Nagoya University, Japan
Seiichiro Sakurai, Meiji Gakuin University, Japan
Ken Satoh, National Institute of Informatics and Sokendai, Japan
Satoshi Tojo, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(JAIST), Japan
Katsuhiko Toyama, Nagoya University, Japan
Masaharu Yoshioka, Hokkaido University, Japan

Advisory Committee Members

Trevor Bench-Capon, The University of Liverpool, UK
Henry Prakken, University of Utrecht & Groningen, The Netherlands
John Zeleznikow, Victoria University, Australia
Robert Kowalski, Imperial College London, UK
Kevin Ashley, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Program Committee Members


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