The 8th NTCIR Workshop

How to Participate



To participate the 8th NTCIR Workshop, please read through the Task Description, and the linked Call for Participation or task definition of each task. The information available on this site will be updated and enhanced occasionally. The major update will be announced through the mailing list, but we strongly recommend you to visit this site periodically.


For the Online Registration, User ID and Password are required.
If you would like to register, please contact the Program Chair, Noriko Kando at ntc-admin.


In order to participate in the 8th NTCIR Workshop, firstly, please (1) register through online registration, and, (2) send the two signed, original copies of the user agreement forms (by postal mail or courier) to the NTCIR Project Office at the address below. After receipt of the forms, we will send the data or information on how to download the data.

(1) Registration:

Please register through online registration. Multiple tasks can be selected by a single registration.

Email addresses specified in the registration form will be added to the following four mailing lists of the NTCIR.

  • ntcir (General information on the NTCIR projects. The members are previous workshops' participants, NTCIR collection users, anyone who are interested in NTCIR activities, etc.. Moderated)
  • ntc8-workshop (A mailing list of one or more tasks of the 8th NTCIR Workshop. Moderated)
  • open discussion list for the task
  • task's participants list

Correct email address please!: If your email address and other contact information specified in the form is not correct, you may not be able to obtain the necessary information and resources to conduct the task(s). Please fill all the information in the form(s) carefully.

Please enter the e-mail address whose domain is the name of your organization, if you have it. If it is convenient for you that we send e-mail messages to another account, please let us know.

Principal Investigator: Please notice that students are not qualified as a "Principal Investigator of the group". If you are students, the principal investigator shall be your supervisor or advisor. A graduate student can be registered as a "contact person".

If you will have trouble with the online registration, please download the form, complete and return it via e-mail, fax, or postal mail to the NTCIR Project Office at the address specified below.

(2) User Agreement Forms ("Memorandum on Permission to Use NTCIR-8 Test Collections for Task Participants"):

Please prepare two signed copies of the form for each of the tasks that you would like to participate.

Please prepare the forms carefully. Please download the relevant form(s), make two sets of original double-sided copies, sign, and send (by postal mail or courier) to the NTCIR Project Office at the address specified below. The participating group on the form shall be a legal organization or a department/section of a legal organization. Since we need original signatures on each of the forms, the two original, signed copies of each of the forms must to be sent by postal mail or courier. After counter-signature of the forms, we will send a signed copy to you for your retention and another signed copy will be kept in the NII. Photo copies of the signed forms may be sent to the copyright holders or distribution right holders of the data.

Please read the task description of your task carefully and choose the data set(s) that you need to conduct the task registered, then tick the data sets that you are requesting in the appendix of each form. Please note that every participant must submit the signed forms to participate in the NTCIR-8 tasks. If you participated in the NTCIR-7 and obtained the permission of the use of some of the data by NII as a "NTCIR Workshop participant", the permission was only for the participation in the NTCIR-7 and you need to tick the data sets to obtain the permission for the NTCIR-8. If you have already had "permission of research purpose use" for the dataset either by NII or by the copyright holder, you are permitted to use the data sets without choosing them on this form.

For the details of the data used for each task, please consult the call for participation or task description of the task and NTCIR-8 DATA Home.


The NTCIR Workshop is a series of evaluation workshops designed to enhance research in information access technologies including information retrieval, summarization, extraction, question answering, etc.

The aims are;

  1. to encourage research in information access technologies by providing large-scale infrastructure of research and evaluation.
  2. to provide a forum for research groups interested in evaluation and exchanging research ideas in an informal atmosphere
  3. to investigate evaluation methods and metrics of information retrieval and access technologies.

The main interest of us is "Speed the research in labs to real world". For this purpose, NTCIR provides the infrastructure of the research and evaluation. This is an opportunity to compare the wide variety of approaches and strategies of each participant, to exchange research ideas, and to learn each other's experience on the same data set and the same evaluation infrastructure. To do so, each participating group takes responsibility to report the experimental results carefully in details with sufficient analysis to depict why and how the proposed method worked well or not, and contribute the forum to learn each other from each others experience. Module-based examination is also important to show how and why. We do hope each of you will enjoy and utilize this opportunity to improve the researches in information access technologies. Any suggestions, advises, leads, etc., are always welcome!

If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Scientific and Technical Enquiries:
Noriko Kando, NTCIR Project Leader
Phone: +81-3-4212-2529 | FAX: +81-3-3556-1916
Email: ntc-admin
  • For User Agreement Forms and Registration:

NTCIR Project Office (Rm.1309)
National Institute of Informatics
2-1-2 Hitotsubashi Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 101-8430, JAPAN

Phone: +81-3-4212-2750 | FAX: +81-3-4212-2751
Email: ntc-secretariat


Report on participation and evaluation results: The list of the the participating group names will be made public. The group's ID will be used to specify the submitted task results and evaluation results. With this ID, the evaluation results will be reported to the active task participants of the task before the NTCIR Workshop 8 Final Meeting. Using this ID, the evaluation results will be reported at the NTCIR Workshop 8 Final Meeting held in June 15-18, 2010, and published in the Proceedings of the Workshop meeting.

Submission of reports: Regardless of the types of participation, every participating group shall submit to the Organizers; (1) task results, (2) papers for the proceedings, (3) system description form(s) which describes your system, (4) bibliographic information and a copy of all your papers when you publish papers using the NTCIR test collections, and (5) report(s) on study results. Copies of the proceedings and your papers may be sent to the copyright holders or distribution rights holders of the data as part of the report on research in NTCIR.

Publication of reports: Please understand that the above mentioned "(2) papers for proceedings"will be published as Proceedings in both the paper print form and as online as of the date of the final meeting. The Final Meeting is open to public. "(3) system description forms" may be included in the proceedings. The bibliographic information of the (4) will be made available on the NTCIR Web site. For the above mentioned "(1) task results", the submitted results will be shared by all the active participants who submit the results of the task before the final meeting, and after the final meeting the submitted results will be made available for research purpose use after exchanging the contract between NII and the researchers as part of "Submission Raw Data Archives" .

Changes after registration: When you will have to give up to continue the participation in the task(s) due to unexpected reasons and can not submit the results, please report immediately to Noriko Kando, the program chair at kando and the organizers of the task(s). If you would like to participate additional task(s) after registration, please consult Noriko Kando and the organizers of the task(s). For the change or addition of the subtask(s) in the task that you registered, please consult the task organizers. If you will need additional document data or have unnecessary document data due to the change of the subtask, please consult Noriko Kando as well. Here, "task" means any of ACLIA, GeoTime, MOAT, Patent Mining , Patent Translation and a Pilot Task and "sub task" means any subtasks set in each of these tasks.

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