Computational Imaging
and Vision Laboratory

The Computational Imaging and Vision Laboratory of the National Institute of Informatics is working on the development of advanced vision systems. Our research focuses on proposing novel physics-based models in computer vision and developing superior algorithms to facilitate scene understanding. Our work plays an important role in machine vision, robotics, computer graphics and digital imaging applications.

For prospective researchers and graduate students. We seek enthusiastic and talented postdoctoral researchers and graduate students to join our team in 3D analysis, reflectance analysis, hyperspectral imaging, computational photography, and generative AI. Our lab is associated with the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Dept. of Computer Science. Students have the opportunity to be assigned to our laboratory and participate in research activities. Our group has made significant contributions to physics-based computer vision, hyperspectral analysis, and computational imaging with a series of papers presented at top conferences. Take this opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking research using state-of-the-art devices such as photoacoustic imaging. For more information, please contact Imari Sato.