Chemoinformatics Group
Hiroko Satoh's Group, National Institute of Informatics

In the Chemoinformatics Group (Hiroko Satoh, Associate Professor) of National Institute of Informatics, several chemoinformatics research projects are being conducted. They concern the development of new methodologies for representation, classification, and organization of chemical information, and their applications to practical problems in chemistry, including chemical reaction prediction, NMR chemical shift estimation, and chemical structural elucidation.

Information about availability in the public, a trial use, and an evaluation use of our chemical software is announced at:
2007. 3.15 Molecular Model for Feeling Intermolecular Force, HaptiChem has been opened to the public. (Japanese Site)
2005.12.26 Chemical graphics open source library, ChemoJun has been opened to the public.
2005. 2.28 "Chemoinformatics (translation of "Chemoinformatics" (Wiley) edited by Prof. J. Gasteiger and Prof. T. Engel to Japanese)" (Maruzen, in Japanese) has been published.
2003. 3.25 "Kagaku jyouhou gaku (Chemoinformatics)" (Maruzen, in Japanese) written by Hiroko Satoh has been published.
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Hiroko Satoh, Ph. D., Associate Prof.
Material and Life Informatics, Principles of Informatics Research Division, National Institute of Informatics
Associate Prof. of the Graduate University for Advanced Studies (Soken-dai)
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