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[ntcir:235] NTCIR-6 Meeting: Call for Participation

Apologies for multiple copies

       NTCIR-6 Workshop Meeting on Evaluation
    IR, QA and Cross-lingual Information Access
                  May 15-18, 2007
                 NII, Tokyo, Japan

The NTCIR-6 Workshop Meeting will be held on May 15-18, 2007,
at NII in Tokyo, Japan. Anybody who is interested in the
research that has been done in NTCIR is welcome to attend
and join the discussion.

This year, NTCIR-6 has hosted five tasks and one pilot workshop.
* Cross-lingual Information Retrieval
* Cross-lingual Question Answering
* Patent Retrieval and Classification
* Question Answering
* Opinion Analysis
* Multimodal Summarization and Trend Information (pilot workshop)

103 groups from 15 different countries and areas registered
and 84 groups from 12 different countries and areas submitted
their results. The overview and system papers will be presented
at the Meeting on DAY 2-4 (May 16-18).

The first day of the Meeting will be a Tutorial and
EVIA 2007 (the First International Workshop on Evaluating
Information Access).

Online registration is available at:

The full registration fee for non-students includes
one copy of the proceedings, three lunches, three light
refreshments for breakfast, banquet, and coffee breaks.

If you are a student, the meeting is free of charge!!!
Three light refreshments for breakfast and coffee breaks
will be served.

Students can also purchase the printed proceedings
and lunch/banquet tickets with a reasonable price.

Online proceedings will be available at the NTCIR Web
site during and after the Workshop Meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo.

Noriko Kando
NTCIR project