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[ntcir:281] NTCIR-7 Multilingual Opinion Analysis Task Call for Participation

NTCIR-7 Multilingual Opinion Analysis Task Call for Participation

Sentiment and opinion analysis has been an active area of natural
language processing research lately.  There are many applications from
product research to automated public opinion survey creation,
opinionated summarization to intention analysis for natural language

In the 2007 NTCIR-6 Workshop we held a pilot task for sentence-level
opinion analysis.  At NTCIR-7 we will hold a second run of the opinion
analysis evaluation for Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), English,
and Japanese for identifying opinions expressed at a sub-sentence
level as well as the opinion holders and opinion targets.

Important Dates:

2007-10-31	Registration Due   Late Registration is possible, see below
2008-08-01	Sample Topic Release (1 - 4 topics)
2008-09-01	Formal Run Topic Release
2008-09-07	Evaluation Results submission deadline
2008-09-14	Evaluation Results return
2008-10-01	Working Paper Submission Due
2008-10-07	Task Overview Partial Release
2008-11-01	Camera-ready Paper Submission Due
2008-12-16	to 2008-12-18 NTCIR-7 Meeting, Tokyo Japan

While officially registration for NTCIR-7 has been closed, it is still
possible to register and participate in the MOAT.

Please see the PDF of the announcement for more details.  It is
available form the website:


or directly at:


Thank you,

David Kirk Evans, PhD.  devans@xxxxxxxxx, +81 3-4212-2668