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[ntcir:282] ACM CIKM iNEWS08 Workshop: last minute deadline extension

Due to many requests the submission deadline for the

2nd ACM CIKM 2008 International Workshop
'Improving Non English Web Searching (iNEWS08)'

has been extended to ** July 27, 2008 **


Fotis Lazarinis, Efthimis Efthimiadis, Jesus Vilares, John Tait

October 30, 2008, Napa Valley, California

*Key dates:
August 10, 2008    Notifications of acceptance
August 15, 2008    Camera-ready copy due
October 30, 2008  Workshop

*Workshop Theme
The main aims of this workshop are to identify the problems in web
searching when working with non-English languages and to propose
solutions and tools so as to improve web retrieval systems.

*Aims and Topics
The specific aims of the workshop are to promote better understanding of:
-  the problems of search engines in non-English queries.
-  methodologies for evaluating the effectiveness of search engines in
non-English queries.
-  the user query patterns in non-English Web retrieval.
-  the factors that influence utilization of search engines in a
multicultural world.
-  the needed improvements to the search engines with respect to
non-English Web retrieval.
-  teaching strategies to help users improve their searching behaviour.
-  how standard IR techniques (Indexing, Query representation, Query
reformulation, etc) can be adapted in Web retrieval for non-English
-  the application of natural language processing techniques for
non-English Web IR.

Workshop areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
-  Localization of search engine interfaces
-  Creation of multi-lingual web collections
-  Cross language and multilingual retrieval
-  Digital libraries
-  Evaluation methodologies
-  Image and video retrieval services
-  Indexing
-  Concept based image retrieval
-  Information extraction
-  Intranet/enterprise search
-  Natural language processing
-  Performance issues of local search engines
-  Query log analysis
-  Question answering
-  Retrieval models
-  Summarization
-  Teaching
-  Text categorization and clustering
-  User behaviour
-  User studies
-  Web information access

*Workshop Format / Papers
The 1-day workshop will begin with a morning keynote speaker; and follow
with paper presentations; poster presentations; group break-outs, and
groups reporting back to the workshop. This structure is chosen in order
to increase the interactivity and to promote the discussion among the
Keynote Speaker(s): Our aim is to provide a panel of 2-3 representatives
from the major Search Engines to discuss issues relating to non-English
language search.
Group-breakouts: Participants will join teams to discuss research
challenges and directions on a topic.
Papers: We solicit three types of paper submissions:
(a) Full Papers for presentation (6-8 pages, refereed, published in CIKM
(b) short papers or posters (2-4 pages, refereed, published in CIKM
(c) one-page position papers (Not refereed, published in print workshop
proceedings and online)
We also intend to write a journal paper synthesizing the ideas and the
conclusions of the workshop, referencing the papers of the workshop.

Please visit the workshop site for more details on formatting and
submission of papers:


*Contact details of the workshop organizers
Fotis Lazarinis, lazarinf [at] teimes [dot] gr
Efthimis N. Efthimiadis, efthimis [at] u [dot] washington [dot] edu
Jesus Vilares, jvilares [at] udc [dot] es
John Tait, john.tait [at] ir-facility [dot] org