Global Research Center for Synthetic Media,
National Institute of Informatics

About SynMedia Center

With the evolution of AI technology and the enrichment of computer resources stemming from the ability to acquire a large amount of human-related information such as face, voice, body, and natural language, it is becoming possible to generate synthetic media that can be mistaken for the real thing. Synthetic media is expected to be used in various fields such as communication (e.g., virtual avatars) and entertainment (e.g., rakugo speech synthesis), and it is expected that high-quality synthetic media generation technology will be established. Unfortunately, there is a negative side of synthetic media—attackers can generate and distribute fake videos, fake audio clips, and fake documents for the purposes of fraud, thought control, and public opinion manipulation, and this has become a social problem.

To achieve a healthy human-centered cyber society, the Global Research Center for Synthetic Media (SynMedia Center) conducts research and development across various modalities such as face, voice, body, and natural language to generate synthetic media, detect synthetic media (fake media) generated for improper purposes, ensure media reliability, and support decision-making. Our mission is to promote the SynMedia Center as an international base for addressing issues in the real world.