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NTCIR Workshop 3 Text Summarization Challenge 2 (TSC)
(Automatic Text Summarization task)

The 3rd NTCIR Workshop was OVER.
For the current NTCIR Workshop (the latest in the series of NTCIR Workshops), visit  Go NTCIR Workshop !

last update August 1, 2001

Co-chairs (alphabetical order)

Takahiro FUKUSIMA (Otemon Gakuin University)

Hidetsugu NANBA (The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)

Manabu OKUMURA (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Contact: TSC2 administrative committee (tsc-adm)

Document collection to be used in TSC2

Mainichi Newspaper Database (1998, 1999 versions)

Task Outline and Evaluation Methods

TSC2 consists of two tasks, task A and task B.

Task A (single document summarization)

Given the texts to be summarized and summarization lengthes, the participants submit summaries for each text in plain text format.

Task B (multi-document summarization)

Given a set of texts, the participants produce summaries of it in plain text format.  The information which was used to produce
the document set, such as queries, as well as summarization lengthes are given to the participants.

The same evaluation methods (subjective and degree of modification)  are used for both task A and task B.
First, four kinds of summaries are provided to human judges.  They are the original text, human-produced summary, system summary, and summary produced by a baseline system.
In subjective evaluation, the judges evaluate and rank them in one to four order, by examining how much the content of the text is covered and how readable the summary is.
In the other evaluation method, the judges modify the system summaries in terms of the content and readablity, after that, the degree of modification is measured.

URL address of TSC home page

Please refer TSC home page http://lr-www.pi.titech.ac.jp/tsc/ to get the newest information.

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