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NTCIR-7 Meeting
Call for Participation

  We are very glad to invite you to attend the seventh NTCIR Workshop Meeting to be held on Dec 16-19, 2008 at NII, Tokyo, Japan.
Please come and present your experimental results and findings, and join the discussion!

  The NTCIR Workshop Meeting is a four days meeting. Anyone interested in the research and evaluation of information access technologies like IR, QA, various types of information extraction including trend and opinion and their cross-language application are welcome to come and join the discussion. All the sessions are held in English.

  It is part of "Asina Evaluation Week", in which FIRE (Forum for Information Retrieval Evaluation, India) and NTCIR-7 will be held in a week. Please plan your trip to cover both evaluations.

   NTCIR-7 Meeting Online Registration is available here Registration Form is HERE

1. Background

The NTCIR Workshop is a series of evaluation workshops designed to enhance the research in information access technologies such as information retrieval, question answering, summarization, information extraction and analysis and so on by providing infrastructures for large-scale evaluation and a forum for the researchers who are interested in cross-system comparison and exchanging research ideas in informal atmosphere. The main component of the infrastructure is large-scale test collections usable for experiments.

2. Tasks

The Seventh NTCIR Workshop (NTCIR-7) selected the following research areas or topics as "tasks" to be experimented and investigated:

  • 1. Advanced Cross-lingual Information Access (ACLIA)
    • Complex Cross-lingual Question Answering (CCLQA)
    • Information Retrieval for Query Answering (IR4QA)

  • 2. Information Access to User Generated Contents (UGC)
    • Multi-Lingual Opinion Analysis Task (MOAT)

  • 3. Information Access to Focused Domain (PATENT)
    • Patent Mining Task (PAT MN)
    • Patent Translation Task (PAT MT)

  • 4. Multimodal Summarization of Trend (MuST)

3. Program

The overview and the investigation conducted by each active task participating group are presented on DAY 2-4 (Dec. 17-19th) of the Meeting.

All active task participating groups present their own experimental results and findings either at oral or digital poster sessions. Discussing what and how we shall evaluate and what we learned from the results in an informal atmosphere is one of the attractive experiences we have through the NTCIR Workshop. We do hope you will enjoy the discussion and exchanging the research idea. The roadmap levereging the IA research for future NTCIR will be also discussed.

The 2nd International Workshop on Evaluating Information Access (EVIA 2008) will be held as a satelite workshop. on DAY 1 (Dec. 16th). Refereed and invited papers will be presented . Paper submissions are invited from anybody who is interested in the investigation of the information access technologies and the evaluation methodologies. Submissions from non-NTCIR task participants are welcome.
Pre-Meeting tutorial: "Introduction to NTCIR" is held on DAY 1 (Dec 16th) morning. It is basically for newcomers.

4. Registration
Online Registration is available here

5. Inquiry

(scientific): noriko.kando
(on registration): ntcir7_reg
(others): ntcir7

You are most welcome!
We are looking forward to seeing you at the NTCIR-7 Meeting!

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