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ChemoJun is Japan's first open-source chemical graphics library developed by the ChemoJun project of the Chemoinformatics Lab. (Hiroko Satoh, Associate Professor) in the National Institute of Informatics.

Open-source Chemical Graphics Library

ChemoJun provides basic tools to visualize chemical information and to access all of the source codes. Sharing common technology with open-source software is important for training the skill of software developers, advancing software technology, promoting software development, and succeeding the skill to the coming generation. Most of source codes of chemical software, however, have not been made available to the public even if they are common technology. The purpose of the ChemoJun project is to develop one of basic technologies of chemical software.

Technical and Scientific Bases

ChemoJun uses a 3D multimedia open-source graphics library called Jun as a general basis and extends it by applying interaction design techniques by taking into account chemists' cognitive processes. ChemoJun consists of several basic modules, which are extracted in developing graphical user-interface programs of chemical software for chemical reactivity characterization, classification, and prediction, such as FRAU, for NMR chemical shift prediction and NMR-based structural prediction called CAST/CNMR, and for virtually touching molecules using a haptic device called HaptiChem.