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Web Site of Fuyuki Ishikawa & Ishikawa Lab.

Associate Professor at National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan

Visiting Associate Professor at The University of Electro-Communications

Trustworthy & Smart Software Engineering

We have a wide range of activities for "Smart Systems and Smart Dependability Assurance."

We envision advanced application systems and investigate techqnieus of verification, reasoning, optimization, automated test genration, and self-adaptation by making use of a variety of models for requirements, specifications, and designs.

Our present focus is dependability in Cyber-Physical Systems and Machine Learning Systems via techniques of formal methods and automated test generation.

Our group consists of members from different organizations and also promote international and industry-academia collaborations.

Key Activities

Refinement engineering: flexible construction of verified multi-step system models
Kakenhi Wakate-A Grant, Kiban-B Grant / REFENG Project: ABZ'14, ER'16, FM'16
Formal verification and testing for discrete-continous hybrid models for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)
Formal methods and Intelligence Group in ERATO-MMSD Project
Engineering methods for machine learning systems, specifically testing and quality assurance
SIG-MLSE (Machine Learning Systems Engineering) and QA4AI (Consortium of Quality Assurance for Artificial-Intelligence-based products and services) in Japan, ASSURE'18, ER'18
Formal methods in the industry
TopSE Program and Work with the Industry: FM'15, FMSEET'15
Quality Optmization and Self-Adaptation in Service Composition and Cloud Management
PerQAS Project: ICWS'11, WWW'12, TSC'14, TSC'16, TPDS'17
Verification and adaptation in smart cities, internet of things (IoT), and clouds
FP7/H2020 EU-Japan Funds ClouT Project & BigClouT Project
Committee activities in key conferences
such as PC member at FM, ICFEM, ICSOC, SCC, WI


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