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Web Site of Fuyuki Ishikawa & Ishikawa Lab.

Associate Professor at Information Systems Architecture Science Research Division, and Deputy Director of Grace Center, in National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan

Visiting Associate Professor at The University of Electro-Communications

Trustworthy & Smart Software Engineering

We have a wide range of activities for "Smart Systems and Smart Dependability Assurance."

We envision advanced application systems and investigate techqnieus of verification, reasoning, optimization, automated test genration, and self-adaptation by making use of a variety of models for requirements, specifications, and designs.

Our present focus is dependability in Cyber-Physical Systems and Machine Learning Systems via techniques of formal methods and automated test generation.

Our group consists of members from different organizations and also promote international and industry-academia collaborations.

Key Activities

Refinement engineering: flexible construction of verified multi-step system models
Formal methods and Intelligence Group in ERATO-MMSD Project: GECCO'19, ICECCS'19, ICST'20
Engineering methods for machine learning systems, specifically testing and quality assurance
JST Mirai-QAML Project, SIG-MLSE (Machine Learning Systems Engineering) and QA4AI (Consortium of Quality Assurance for Artificial-Intelligence-based products and services) in Japan, ASSURE'18, ER'18, ISSRE'19
Formal methods in the industry
Kakenhi Wakate-A Grant, Kiban-B Grant / REFENG Project: ABZ'14, ER'16, FM'16, FOAC'18
Formal verification and testing for discrete-continous hybrid models for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)
TopSE Program and Work with the Industry: FM'15, FMSEET'15
Quality Optmization and Self-Adaptation in Service Composition and Cloud Management
PerQAS Project: ICWS'11, WWW'12, TSC'14, TSC'16, TPDS'17
Verification and adaptation in smart cities, internet of things (IoT), and clouds
FP7/H2020 EU-Japan Funds ClouT Project & BigClouT Project
Committee activities in key conferences
such as PC member at FM, ICFEM, ICSOC, SCC, WI


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