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This page provides an overview of our research theme and various projects.

Trustworthy & Smart Software Engineering

Our group has been investigating the future of smart and trustworthy software and techniques for its development, operation, and evolution.

Specifically, the interests are in models of "promisses" (specification, contracts, SLA (Service-Level Agreement), laws, norms, policy, etc.) and their use by human or software itself at design-time or run-time.

We primarily target areas of Formal Methods and Service-Oriented Computng but have a wide range of activities not closed within specific areas/communities.

Formal Methods

Enable efficient development and operation of trustworthy software systems by modeling, analyzin, and verifying "promises" that software systems should satisfy as well as using the "promises" for program construction, testing, and runtime adaptation.

Keyword: Dependability, Formal Specification, Refinement, Event-B, VDM, Alloy, Testing, Requirements Analysis, Self-Adaptive Systems, CPS: Cyber-Physical Systems

Service-Oriented Computing

Facilitate software systems to make use of various functions and information in the web and real world via "promises," and compose new functions or information.

Keyword: Service Composition, Business Process/Workflow, Quality of Service, Semantic Web Service, Self-Adaptive Systems, Autonomous Distributed Systems/Multi-Agent Systems, Cloud, IoT: Internet of Things

MMSD: MetaMathematics for Systems Design

See the project web site

REFENG: Formalizing and Supporting Consistency Assurance and Complexity Mitigation in Stepwise Refinement

Refinement figure

ClouT: Integration of Internet of Things and Clouds for Smart Cities

See the project web site

JSTM: Refining Specification and Testing through Example Generations

JSTM figure

PerQAS: Assurance and Self-Adaptation of Functionality and Quality in Service Composition

PerQAS figure

LIMT: Modeling and Analysis of Laws and Legal Interpretations

LIMT figure

Smartive: Service-Oriented Cooperative Multi-Mobile Agents

Smartive figure