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This page provides an overview of our group.

Virtual Group

Our group virtually consists of researchers and students to the following univerties/institute.

We also have intensitve activities in the ERATO MMSD Project, which includes various research groups.


This is a scheme by NII only for its partner universities and institutes. The detailed information of the call for intern students can be found on the NII web site and in the partner universities.

The current call includes the following topics in my group:

Testing and Quality Analysis of Machihne Learning Systems
Investigates how to test and evaluate emerging systems that use machine learning by extending testing methods for software systems and also extending the classical notion of accuracy.
Intelligent Automated Testing for Cyber-Physical Systems
Investigates how to test complex cyber-physical systesms such as automotive control models in Simulink and path planners in autonomous driving.
Refinement-based Modeling and Verification of Smart Cyber-Physical Systems
Investigates how to model and verify smart cyber-physical systems, such as autonomous driving systems including image recognition function by deep learning, by decomposing the verification tasks.

This call is part of an internship program by NII (National Institute of Informatics, Japan). Calls are basically made twice a year by NII. First please check the general information by NII

Intern students are expected to learn further knowledge and skills through collaborative activities for promoting our research activities and/or exploring further research topic. Depending on the status of the intern students (e.g., already have active master/phd topics or not), actual work in the internship can be determined flexibly through discussion. The outputs are typically joint papers and/or implemented software, but depend on the topic and the duration of the internship.

Specifically, the following two directions exist to determine the work at the internship.

You can check research introduction and record including the publications. However, the information is often not the latest and it should be much easier to just ask me and discuss together, clarifying your interest and expertise.

In addition to interactions with the supervisor himself, intern students will join various activities in related research groups. The Honiden-Lab involves several professors/researchers and many students working on wide range of research topics. The GRACE Center involves more wide range of professors as well as resources and services, including a configurable private cloud and a programmable lecture room. We also have intensitve activities in the ERATO MMSD Project, which includes various research groups.



Collaborative Researchers

Industrial PhD Students at UEC

Visiting Faculties

Industry Collaboration

Hitachi, Felica Networks, Mitsubishi Electric, etc.

International Collaboration

Past Members

Advisors at Groups in Collaboration (Univ. of Tokyo, Waseda Univ, JAIST): More than 20 people

Intern Students from Overseas: More than 30 people