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[ntcir:415] Program & Conference Venue of NTCIR-8 & EVIA 2010

Dear NTCIR-8 Meeting Participants,

Welcome to Tokyo, Japan.
NTCIR-8 Workshop Meeting will start from tomorrow.

As we have received several inquiries, we hope this
email will answer such questions.

1. Program:
2. Instruction for presenters and speakers:
3. Conference Venue and How to Get There:

1. Program:

EVIA 2010 and NTCIR-8 Meeting will be held on 15-18 June.

Program at a glance:

Full Program:

Registration to NTCIR-8 Meeting covers EVIA 2010 and NTCIR-8 Meeting
and all the events on 15-18th June.

EVIA 2010 (The 3rd International Workshop on Evaluating Information
Access) will be held on the afternoon of June 15. It is a refereed
workshop held as a pre-meeting workshop of NTCIR-8. There is an invited
talk on Microsoft's Bing and User Behavior Evaluation.  Some of the
papers are closely related to tasks which are expected to be proposed
for NTCIR-9.

Introduction to NTCIR (June 15, 11:00-12:00) is for the new comers
to explain what is NTCIR.

NTCIR-8 Meeting will be on June 16-18. There is invited talks,
overview of NTCIR-8 and sessions for each of the NTCIR-8 tasks.

Poster and demo sessions will be held at lunch of June 16-18.
The list of the posters are linked from the program and program
at a glance.

2. Instruction for presenters and speakers:

Instruction for oral presentation is;

Please check whether your slides are okay with the conference
hall's equipment before the session. Meet your session chair
before the session.

Instruction for poster and demo is;

If you would like to use a 24-inch display for your demo, a few
displays are available for your use. Please contact ntc-secretariat
at least one day before.

3. Conference Venue:

EVIA 2010 and NTCIR-8 Meeting will be held at;

Hitotsubashi Memorial Hall and its meeting rooms
on the 2nd floor of the National Center for Sciences.

"National Center for Sciences" is a name of the building where
NII is situated.

* Address is:
2-1-2 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8430 Japan.

* Travel information to and around NII;

* Map around NII;

* How to get NII:

* Card to explain the place of NII (you can use this to explain
your destination to a taxi driver or any other person);

* Card to explain the place of KKR hotel:

* For those who stay at Villa Fontaine, please contact
ntc-secretariat@xxxxxxxxx if you need a map indicating
the way from the hotel to NII. It takes about 10-15 minutes
on foot from the hotel to NII.

We are looking forward to seeing you very soon,

Noriko Kando
ntcir project

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