EVIA2008 Table of Contents

A First Investigation on Mongolian Information Retrieval [Pdf] [Abstract]

      Guanglai Gao, Wei Jin, Fei Long and Hongxu Hou

A Political News Corpus in Chinese for Opinion Analysis [Pdf] [Slides] [Abstract]

      Benjamin K. Tsou and Bin Lu

Are Popular Documents More Likely To Be Relevant? A Dive into the ACLIA IR4QA Pools [Pdf] [Slides] [Abstract]

      Tetsuya Sakai and Noriko Kando

Component Analysis of a Chinese Factoid Question-Answering System [Pdf] [Abstract]

      Kui-Lam Kwok

Evaluating Answer Validation in Multi-stream Question Answering [Pdf] [Revised Paper 20081216] [Abstract]

      Álvaro Rodrigo, Anselmo Peñas and Felisa Verdejo

Stability of INEX 2007 Evaluation Measures [Pdf] [Slides] [Abstract]

      Sukomal Pal, Mandar Mitra and Arnab Chakraborty

Modelling A User Population for Designing Information Retrieval Metrics [Pdf] [Slides] [Abstract]

      Tetsuya Sakai and Stephen Robertson

Visualization of User Eye Movements for Search Result Pages [Pdf] [Poster] [Slides] [Abstract]

      Yuka Egusa, Masao Takaku, Hitoshi Terai, Hitomi Saito, Noriko Kando and Makiko Miwa

Measuring User Relevance Criteria [Pdf] [Abstract]

      Falk Scholer, Andrew Turpin and Mingfang Wu

Relevance Levels for Patent Mining [Pdf] [Abstract]

      Fredric Gey and Ray Larson

A Methodology for Building a Patent Test Collection for Prior Art Search [Pdf] [Abstract]

      Erik Graf and Leif Azzopardi

The CHORUS Gap Analysis on User-centered Methodology for Design and Evaluation of Multi-media Information Access Systems [Pdf] [Abstract]

      Jussi Karlgren

Information Access Tasks and Evaluation for Personal Lifelogs [Pdf] [Abstract]

      Gareth Jones, Cathal Gurrin, Liadh Kelly, Daragh Byrne and Yi Chen