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Information for prospective research internship students.

Understanding multi-party interaction and its application


The purpose of this research project is to understand multi-party interaction involving more than three speakers. The data will be collected from naturally occuring talk vs talk procued in an experimental setting. Combining approaches from social science and information science, we attempt to describe fundamental structures of multiparty interactions.

Data collection and analysis of multimodal interaction


The purpose of this research project is to establish an analytical infrastructure for face-to-face human interactions. More specifically this project attempts to construct a research environment in order to identify bodily behaviors in face-to-face interactions, for example, by tracking the body position and eye gaze. In order to do so, this project seeks for innovative ways in which various interdisciplinary approaches can be used and integrated including social science and informatics.

Research on Sign language and its community


While sign languages are used all around the world, academic attention has not been paid enough to the study of sign language practices. Particularly in Japan no research materials and books are found that provide a holistic understanding about sign language and its community. The goal of this project is to promote understanding of the nature of sign language communications by drawing on a wide range of approaches from linguistics, sociology, cultural anthropology, engineering, and informatics.

The use of telecommunication technologies


As Telecommunication technologies develop, our everyday conversations are being mediated by using software such as skype. In such mediated multispaces, we expect innovative ways of talking that may not be described by applying existing communication theories and analytical units. The goal of this project is to offer new telecommunication technologies and their application that particularly center on human interactions.