Graph Golf

The Order/degree Problem Competition


  1. Prepare a graph file for each of your graphs. See below for the file format.
  2. Decide whether you disclose the program you used for creating the graphs. If you choose to do so, make sure (1) you have a necessary right to make it open to the public, and (2) you have no secret information (e.g. passwords) in it.
  3. (optional) Write a brief description of the algorithm you used for creating the graphs.
  4. Go to the entry form, fill it out and submit.

Deadline: 2017-09-24 23:59 UTC CLOSED

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Graph file format

A graph file must be in an edge list format compatible with the NetworkX's read_edgelist function. The vertex names must be integer starting from zero. The vertex names of a grid graph are assigned sequentially; e.g. in a 16 × 16 grid graph, vertex number i is located at (floor(i ÷ 16), i mod 16). Edge attributes will be ignored if exist.

The same format is used for both the General Graph Category and the Grid Graph Category. If the submitted graph complies with the featured order/degree/length pairs of the Grid Graph Category, then it is treated as a grid graph; otherwise it is treated as a general graph.