Graph Golf

The Order/degree Problem Competition

About Graph Golf

Graph Golf is an international competition of the degree-order problem since 2015. It aims at making a catalog of smallest-diameter graphs in collaboration between graph theorists and computer scientists. Graph Golf is organized by:

If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to contact us:


Who can take part in the competition?
Anyone in the world who can use the online submission system has the right to take part in the Graph Golf competition. There are no limitations on age, position, etc.
How can I make a program that creates graphs?
A good starting point is "" available at the bottom of the problem page. Using this Python script you can create a random graph and calculate its diameter and average shortest path length. You may extend this script to make your own program.
Do I have to submit graphs for all the featured order/degree pairs?
No, your entry is welcome even with a single graph.
Can I submit a graph with an arbitrary order/degree pair?
Yes, any graphs are accepted for submission. They will be listed in the solutions page. Remember that only those graphs with the featured order/degree pairs will be considered for the awards.
Do I have to enter my real name?
No, you can use a nickname. But please keep your nickname unique and consistent; don't use such a nickname as "xxx", "anonymous" or "a student".
We are a group. Can we enter all of our names?
Yes. If your graph wins the competition, all of the authors will be awarded.
Do I have to attend the conference?
May I make a publication later about the submitted graphs?
Yes. The organizers do not claim copyright of the submitted graphs.
Would the competition be held every year?
Yes, the competition will be held every year changing the featured order/degree pairs.


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