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Sign Language Corpus Project

Japanese Sign Language has its variations, but it does not have its writing system. How has it developed over time? To answer this question, we collect various sign language expressions from different parts of Japan.

Image of JSL Corpus
Fig.1. Image of JSL Corpus (click to view larger image)

Related Projects

JSPS, Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Category B “Sign Language corpus project: For comprehensive understanding of speech and sign language” (2011-2014)
The goal of this project is to create a sign language corpus to facilitate the awareness of Sign Language as a distinctive language. This corpus is beneficial not only to linguistic research but also to hearing and Deaf people as it helps recognize and respect their linguistic differences and communication styles.
Mayumi Bono(NII)
Yutaka Osugi (NTUT, National University Corporation Tsukuba University of Technology), Kohei Kikuchi (NII), Yasuo Horiuchi (University of Chiba), and Naomi Harada (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Research collaborator:
Katsuya Takanashi (Kyoto University)