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NTCIR-6 Meeting
Online Registration

Who Can Attend

Anybody who are interested in the researches and development in IR and other information access technologies and their evaluation are welcome regardless of participation of the evaluation task(s) set by the NTCIR-6 organizers.

If you had registered to one or more evaluation tasks set by NTCIR-6 and submitted the experimental results by the deadline, please choose "Task" Participant or Student as a Participant Category on the online registration page, then select the task name and your group name from the pull-down list of "Task x: Group Name x" where x will be 1, 2, or 3. If you are not "Task Participant" described as above, please choose "Non-Task" Participant or Student.

There are no differences between the two categories of "Task" and "Non-Task" regarding the fee and the materials that you will receive at the conference. This Participant Category will be used only to check all the task participant attend the meeting of not. We welcome "Non-Task" delegates to join the conference and discussion.

Online Registration

Online registration will be closed on May 6, 2007. The Online Registration form is available at https://www.ics-inc.co.jp/ntcir2007/form.html

On-site Registration

On-site registration is available. The payment shall be in cash only.


Category Online Registration On-site
Full registration (non-students) JPY20,000 JPY27,000
Student (without proceedings) 0 0
Student (with proceedings) JPY3,000 JPY5,000

* Online proceedings will be available for free from May 15, 2007.
* Full registration includes one copy of the printed proceedings with an NTCIR-6 conference bag, a CD-ROM, a banquet ticket, three lunches (May 16-18).
* Student (with proceedings) registration includes one copy of the printed proceedings with an NTCIR-6 conference bag, a CD-ROM, three lunches (May 16-18).
* Student (without proceedings) registration includes nothing except access to all the sessions in the meeting, access to online proceedings, three light refreshments for breakfast (May 16 -18) and coffee (May 15-18).
* Students (with or without proceedings) who will join the banquet can purchase "Student banquet" tickets. "Student lunch" ticket is available for students (without proceedings) who will have conference lunch). Pre-registration is required for these tickets.
* Three light refreshments for breakfast (May 16-18) and coffee (May 15-18) are available for all participants including students without proceedings.

Cancellation Policy

In cases of cancellation, written notification should be sent to the NTCIR Registration Office by April 15.
The following charges will be deducted before refunding.

On or before April 15, 2007: 100% refund of registration fees
On or after April 16, 2007: No refund

Student ID

Student registraion (either with or without proceedings) requires a valid student ID. Please bring your student ID with you at the conference venue. Without student ID, you may be requested to re-registere as "full registration".

Any inquiries concerning registration should be addressed to:
NTCIR Registration Office
c/o ICS Convention Design, Inc.
3-24 Kanda-Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 101-8449 Japan
Phone: +81-3-3219-3600 Fax: +81-3-3292-1811
E-mail: ntcir6_reg

Last updated: March 16, 2007