Important Dates

Upcoming Events

Sep 2019:
NTCIR-15 Kickoff event in NII, Tokyo, Japan
Dec 2019:
Task registration due*
Jan 2020:
Dataset release*
Jan-May 2020:
Dry run*
May-Jul 2020:
Formal run *
Aug 20, 2020:
Evaluation results return
Dec 2020:
NTCIR-15 Conference in NII, Tokyo, Japan

Event with * vary across tasks.



  • Please understand that we are out of business on Saturday, Sunday and the national holidays.
    National holidays in Japan:
    - 2019:
    Jul 15th(Mon), Aug 12th(Mon), Sep 16th(Mon) and 23th(Mon), Oct 14th(Mon) and 22th(Tue) Nov 4th(Mon), from Dec 28th(Sat) to 31th(Tue),
    - 2020:
    Jan 1st to 3rd, 13th(Mon), Feb 11th(Tue) and 24th(Mon), March 20th(Fri), April 29th(Wed), From May 3rd(Sun) to 6th(Wed), from July 23th(Thu) to 24th(Fri), Aug 10th(Mon), From Sep 21th(Mon) to 22th(Tue), Nov 3rd(Tue) and 23th(Mon)

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