NTCIR-11 Kick-Off Event

Call for Participation to the NTCIR-11 Kick-Off Event

Evaluation of Information Access Technologies

Call for Participation to the NTCIR-11 Kick-Off Event

Call for Participation (Flyer)

Ever wondered how to advance your Information Access technologies?

For developing Information Access technologies based on techniques of Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing or Database Management, it is indispensable to evaluate them experimentally by using test collections constructed under collaborations of many researchers. Over the 15 years, NTCIR Workshops have been formulating the infrastructure for the evaluation, and contributing to development of the Information Access technologies. A total of 52 "evaluation tasks" have been organized, attracting over 730 participant research groups worldwide so far. Furthermore, over 2,500 research groups have signed up to use the NTCIR test collections in their research. Consequently, NTCIR has been the major forum for researchers to intensively discuss the evaluation methodology of emerging information access technologies.
As some details have been finalized for NTCIR-11, we would like to hold an event to introduce the NTCIR-11 and exciting new evaluation tasks. Are you a young researcher in Information Access area, faculty members who have (many) students to supervise, researchers in industry, or simply interested in Informatics? Anyone is welcome for the event! Join us to share the advance of the state of the art Information Access research and development!

NTCIR-11 Kick-Off Event

NTCIR-11 Kick-Off Event

Kick-Off Event Tentative Program

13:30 - English Session / 15:15 - Japanese Session (Same as English Session.)

 English Session (90min)
  13:30 - 15:00

- Overview of NTCIR
- What’s new in NTCIR-11
- Introduction of NTCIR-11 Tasks
- Why participate?
- How to participate
- Important Dates
- Q & A

Japanese Session (90min)
  15:15 - 16:45

* Same as English Session. *

NTCIR-11 Tasks


  • 1. IMine: Search Intent and Task Mining
  • 2. Math-2: Mathematical Information Access
  • 3. MedNLP-2: Medical Natural Language Processing
  • 4. MobileClick: Mobile Information Access
  • 5. RITE-VAL: Recognizing Inference in TExt and Validation
  • 6. SpokenQuery&Doc: Spoken Query and Spoken Document Retrieval


  • 7. QALab: QA Lab for Entrance Exam
  • 8. Temporalia: Temporal Information Access

Contact Us

For further information, please contact NTCIR Project Office at ntc-secretariat@nii.ac.jp

We are looking forward to your participation !

NTCIR-11 Program Co-Chairs:
Hideo Joho (University of Tsukuba, Japan)
Kazuaki Kishida (Keio University, Japan)

NTCIR-11 General Co-Chairs:
Noriko Kando (National Institute of Informatics, Japan)
Tsuneaki Kato (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
Douglas W. Oard (University of Maryland, USA)
Tetsuya Sakai (Waseda University, Japan)
Mark Sanderson (RMIT University, Australia)

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