What participants must do

What participants must do

  • Sign registration and user agreement forms (See HOW TO PARTICIPATE)
  • Follow the task guidelines/schedule and submit your system output (“runs”) to your task organizers. If you will cancel your participation and not submit your research results, please notify the task organizers of your withdrawal by the due date of run submission.
  • Based on your task participation experience, write a paper for the NTCIR-12 Conference (which will be presented in a poster session, or a poster AND an oral presentation session). Papers will be published as the Online Proceedings as of the date of the conference.
  • You shall use your best efforts to participate fully in the tasks of the evaluation activitiy you registered, submitting the results of your experiments and reporting them at the NTCIR-12 Conference (June 7-10, 2016 @NII, Tokyo, Japan) .
  • Submit a list of your publications that used NTCIR data every year to NII.


Report on participation and evaluation results

  • Participating group names will be disclosed. Anonymous participation shall not be accepted.
  • The list of the participating group names will be made public.
  • Every participating group has to submit the task results, describe the system, and submit a paper for the Proceedings of the NTCIR Conference by the set deadline.
  • Evaluation results
    • will be shared by all the active participants who submit the results of the task before the final meeting,
    • will be reported on the Proceedings of the NTCIR Conference and published.
  • Papers of the participating groups for the Proceedings will be published.


Submission of reports

Every participating group shall submit to the Organizers;

  • (1) task results
  • (2) papers for the proceedings
  • (3) system description form(s) which describes your system
  • (4) bibliographic information and a copy of all your papers when you publish papers using the NTCIR test collections
  • (5) report(s) on study results.

Copies of the proceedings and your papers may be sent to the copyright holders or distribution rights holders of the data as part of the report on research in NTCIR.


Publication of reports

Please understand that submitted materials such as papers and system descriptions will be released as follows

  • "(2) papers for proceedings" will be published online Proceedings of the date of the final meeting. The Final Meeting is open to public.
  • "(3) system description forms" may be included in the proceedings.
  • The bibliographic information of the (4) will be made available on the NTCIR Web site.
  • For the above mentioned "(1) task results", the submitted results will be shared by all the active participants who submit the results of the task before the final meeting, and after the final meeting the submitted results will be made available for research purpose use after exchanging the contract between NII and the researchers as part of "Submission Raw Data Archives".


Changes after registration

If you have absolutely no choice but to cancel your participation in the task(s) due to unexpected reasons and can not submit the results, please report immediately to ProgramCo-chairs at ntc12-pcc@nii.ac.jp and the organizers of the task(s).

If you would like to participate additional task(s) after registration, please consult ProgramCo-chairs and the organizers of the task(s). For the change or addition of the subtask(s) in the task that you registered, please consult the task organizers. If you need additional document data or have unnecessary document data due to the change of the subtask, please consult ProgramCo-chairs as well. Here, "task" means any of IMine-2, MedNLPDoc, MobileClick-2, SpokenQuery&Doc-2, Temporalia-2, QA Lab-2, Lifelog and STC and "sub task" means any subtasks set in each of these tasks.

For inquiries regarding NTCIR-12 and each task, please refer to this page: 'Contact Us'.

Last modified: 2015-02-06