NTCIR-7 Table of Contents

Preface | Overview | Invited talk | CCLQA | IR4QA | MOAT | PAT MN | PAT MT | MuST-T2N | MuST-F


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Preface of NTCIR-7 [Pdf] [Slides] [Abstract]
      Noriko Kando


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Overview of the Seventh NTCIR Workshop [Pdf] [Slides] [Abstract]
      Noriko Kando

Invited Talk

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The Information Retrieval Facility and Professional Search [Abstract]
      Mihai Lupu and John Tait

From CLEF to TrebleCLEF: the Evolution of the Cross-Language Evaluation Forum [Pdf] [Slides] [Abstract]
      Nicola Ferro and Carol Peters

What happened at FIRE 2008? [Abstract]
      Prasenjit Majumder and Mandar Mitra

TREC, TAC, takeoffs, tacks, tasks, and titillations for 2009 [Slides][Abstract]
      Ian Soboroff

Summing Up [Slides] [Abstract]
      Mark Sanderson

Cluster 1: Advanced Cross-Lingual Information Access (ACLIA)

Complex Cross-Lingual Question Answering Task (CCLQA)

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Overview of the NTCIR-7 ACLIA Tasks: Advanced Cross-Lingual Information Access [Pdf] [Revised Pdf 090113] [Abstract]
      Teruko Mitamura, Eric Nyberg, Hideki Shima, Tsuneaki Kato, Tatsunori Mori, Chin-Yew Lin, Ruihua Song, Chuan-Jie Lin, Tetsuya Sakai, Donghong Ji and Noriko Kando

NiCT/ATR in NTCIR-7 CCLQA Track: Answering Complex Cross-lingual Questions [Pdf] [Slides] [Abstract]
      Youzheng Wu, Wenliang Chen and Hideki Kashioka

Complex Cross-lingual Question Answering as a Sequential Classification and Multi-Document Summarization Task [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Hideki Shima, Ni Lao, Eric Nyberg and Teruko Mitamura

A QA System that Can Answer Any Class of Japanese Non-Factoid Questions and its Application to CCLQA EN-JA Task: Yokohama National University at NTCIR-7 ACLIA CCLQA EN-JA [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Tatsunori Mori, Takuya Okubo and Madoka Ishioroshi

Multi-Strategy Question Answering System for NTCIR-7 C-C Task [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Han Ren, Donghong Ji, Yanxiang He, Chong Teng and Jing Wan

KECIR Question Answering System?at NTCIR7 CCLQA [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Yu Bai, Li Guo, Lei Liu, Dongfeng Cai and Bo Zhou

Answer Path at NTCIR-7 CCLQA Track [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Yu Deng, Bingjing Xu, Song Liu and Cong Wang

NTT's CCLQA System for NTCIR-7 ACLIA [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Ryuichiro Higashinaka and Hideki Isozaki

Complex Question Answering with ASQA at NTCIR 7 ACLIA [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Yi-Hsun Lee, Cheng-Wei Lee, Cheng-Lung Sung, Mon-Tin Tzou, Chih-Chien Wang, Shih-Hung Liu, Cheng-Wei Shih , Pei-Yin Yang and Wen-Lian Hsu

Information Retrieval for Question Answering Task (IR4QA)

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Overview of the NTCIR-7 ACLIA IR4QA Task [Pdf] [Slides] [Abstract]
      Tetsuya Sakai, Noriko Kando, Chuan-Jie Lin, Teruko Mitamura, Hideki Shima, Donghong Ji, Kuang-Hua Chen and Eric Nyberg

NTCIR-7 ACLIA IR4QA Results based on Qrels Version 2 [Pdf] (released on 2009-06-26)
      Tetsuya Sakai, Noriko Kando, Chuan-Jie Lin, Ruihua Song, Hideki Shima, Teruko Mitamura

RALI Experiments in IR4QA at NTCIR-7 [Pdf] [Poster] [Slides] [Abstract]
      Lixin Shi, Jian-Yun Nie and Guihong Cao

Query Expansion via Link Analysis of Wikipedia for CLIR [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Chih-Chuan Hsu, Yu-Te Li, You-Wei Chen and Shih-Hung Wu

ICT-Crossn: The System of Cross-lingual Information Retrieval of ICT in NTCIR-7 [Pdf] [Revised Paper Pdf 081224] [Slides]
      Weihua Luo, Tian Xia, Ji Guo and Qun Liu

Query Expansion and Machine Translation for Robust Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Ni Lao, Hideki Shima, Teruko Mitamura and Eric Nyberg

KECIR Information Retrieval System for NTCIR7 IR4QA Task [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Dongfeng Cai, Dongyuan Li, Yu Bai and Bo Zhou

NTUBROWS System for NTCIR-7 Information Retrieval for Question Answering [Pdf] [Abstract]
      I-Chien Liu, Lun-Wei Ku, Kuang-Hua Chen and Hsin-Hsi Chen

Using Google Translation in Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Xiaoning He, Peidong Wang, Haoliang Qi, Muyun Yang, Guohua Lei and Yong Xue

Statistical Machine Translation based Passage Retrieval --- Experiment at NTCIR-7 IR4QA Task [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Tatsuhiro Hyodo and Tomoyosi Akiba

High Baseline Japanese Information Retrieval for Question-Answering [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Ray Larson and Fredric Gey

Question Analysis and Query Expansion in CS-CS IR4QA [Pdf] [Slides] [Abstract]
      Maofu Liu, Fang Fang, Qing Hu and Jianxun Chen

Information Retrieval Using PU Learning Based Re-ranking [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Chong Teng, Yanxiang He, Donghong Ji, Han Ren, Lingpeng Yang and Wei Xiong

Experiments in Finding Chinese and Japanese Answer Documents at NTCIR-7 [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Stephen Tomlinson

Cluster 2: User Generated Contents

Multilingual Opinion Analysis Task (MOAT)

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Overview of Multilingual Opinion Analysis Task at NTCIR-7 [Pdf] [Revised Paper Pdf 20081216] [Slides] [Abstract]
      Yohei Seki, David Kirk Evans, Lun-Wei Ku, Le Sun, Hsin-Hsi Chen and Noriko Kando

Almost-Unsupervised Cross-Language Opinion Analysis at NTCIR-7 [Pdf] [Poster] [Slides] [Abstract]
      Taras Zagibalov and John Carroll

Sentence Level Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis Experiments in NTCIR-7 MOAT Challenge [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Lizhen Qu, Cigdem Toprak, Niklas Jakob and Iryna Gurevych

Supervised Approaches and Ensemble Techniques for Chinese Opinion Analysis at NTCIR-7 [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Bin Lu, Benjamin K. Tsou and Oi Yee Kwong

NLPR at Multilingual Opinion Analysis Task in NTCIR7 [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Kang Liu and Jun Zhao

ISCAS at Multilingual Opinion Analysis Task [Pdf] [Poster] [Abstract]
      Yunping Huang, Yulin Wang and Le Sun

SICS at NTCIR-7 MOAT: Constructions Represented in Parallel with Lexical Items [Pdf] [Poster] [Abstract]
      Jussi Karlgren, Gunnar Eriksson and Oscar Tackstrom

English Opinion Analysis for NTCIR7 at POSTECH [Pdf] [Poster] [Abstract]
      Jungi Kim, Hun-Young Jung, Sang-Hyeob Nam, Yeha Lee and Jong-Hyeok Lee

Extracting Topic-related Opinions and their Targets in NTCIR-7 [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Youngho Kim, Seongchan Kim and Sung-Hyon Myaeng

Extraction of Opinion Sentences using Machine Learning: Hiroshima City University at NTCIR-7 MOAT [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Daisuke Kobayashi, Hidetsugu Nanba and Toshiyuki Takezawa

Sentence-Level Opinion Analysis by CopeOpi in NTCIR-7 [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Lun-Wei Ku, I-Chien Liu, Chia-Ying Lee, Kuan-hua Chen and Hsin-Hsi Chen

Detecting Opinionated Sentences by Extracting Context Information [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Xinfan Meng and Houfeng Wang

Opinion Sentence and Topic Relevant Sentence Extraction by Using Coherent Structure among the Sentences [Pdf] [Poster] [Abstract]
      Hironori Mizuguchi, Masaaki Tsuchida, Kenji Tateishi and Dai Kusui

An Opinion Detection and Classification System Using Support Vector Machines [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Hiroya Ozawa, Hiroya Susuki and Hiroaki Saito

A Multilingual Polarity Classification Method using Multi-label Classification Technique Based on Corpus Analysis [Pdf] [Poster] [Abstract]
      Yohei Seki

Opinion Analysis Syetem for NTCIR-7 [Pdf] [Poster] [Abstract]
      Takaharu Takeda

MIRACLE at NTCIR-7 MOAT: First Experiments on Multilingual Opinion Analysis [Pdf] [Poster] [Abstract]
      Julio Villena-Roman, Sara Lana-Serrano and Jose C. Gonzalez-Cristobal

Tornado in Multilingual Opinion Analysis: A Transductive Learning Approach for Chinese Sentimental Polarity Recognition [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Yu-Chieh Wu, Li-Wei Yang, Jeng-Yan Shen, Linag-Yu Chen and Shih-Tung Wu

Coarse-Fine Opinion Mining - WIA in NTCIR-7 MOAT Task [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Ruifeng Xu, Kam-Fai Wong and Yunqing Xia

NEUOM: Identifying Opinionated Sentences in Chinese and English Text [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Chunliang Zhang, Ke Wang, Muhua Zhu, Tong Xiao and Jingbo Zhu

Opinion and Polarity Detection within Far-East Languages in NTCIR-7 [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Olena Zubaryeva and Jacques Savoy

Cluster 3: Focused Domain (PATENT)

Patent Mining Task (PAT MN)

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Overview of the Patent Mining Task at the NTCIR-7 Workshop [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Hidetsugu Nanba, Atsushi Fujii, Makoto Iwayama and Taiichi Hashimoto

KNN and Re-ranking Models for English Patent Mining at NTCIR-7 [Pdf] [Slides] [Abstract]
      Tong Xiao, Feifei Cao, Tianning Li, Guolong Song, Ke Zhou, Jingbo Zhu and Huizhen Wang

Integrating Query Translation and Text Classification in a Cross-Language Patent Access System [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Guo-Wei Bian and Shun-Yuan Teng

NTCIR-7 Patent Mining Experiments at RALI [Pdf] [Poster] [Slides] [Abstract]
      Guihong Cao, Jian-Yun Nie and Lixin Shi

XRCE's Participation to Patent Mining Task at NTCIR-7 [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Stephane Clinchant and Jean-Michel Renders

Multi-label Classification using Logistic Regression Models for NTCIR-7 Patent Mining Task [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Akinori Fujino and Hideki Isozaki

Patent Mining: A Baseline Approach [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Fredric Gey and Ray Larson

Using the Multi-level Classification Method in the Patent Mining Task at NTCIR-7 [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Duo Ji, Huan-yu Zhao and Dong-feng Cai

NTCIR-7 Patent Mining Experiments at Hitachi [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Hisao Mase and Makoto Iwayama

Hiroshima City University at NTCIR-7 Patent Mining Task [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Hidetsugu Nanba

Ontology based Approach to Patent Mining for Relating International Patent Classification (IPC) to a Scientific Abstract [Pdf] [Poster] [Abstract]
      Md. Hanif Seddiqui, Yohei Seki and Masaki Aono

An Automated Research Paper Classification Method for the IPC system with the Concept Base [Pdf] [] [Abstract]
      Takanori Shimano and Takashi Yukawa

ICL at NTCIR-7: An Improved KNN Algorithm for Text Categorization [Pdf] [Poster] [Abstract]
      Wei Wang, Sujian Li and Chen Wang

Patent Translation Task (PAT MT)

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Overview of the Patent Translation Task at the NTCIR-7 Workshop [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Atsushi Fujii, Masao Utiyama, Mikio Yamamoto and Takehito Utsuro

Kyoto-U: Syntactical EBMT System for NTCIR-7 Patent Translation Task [Pdf] [Poster] [Slides] [Abstract]
      Toshiaki Nakazawa and Sadao Kurohashi

Syntactic Reordering in Preprocessing for Japanese¨English Translation: MIT System Description for NTCIR-7 Patent Translation Task [Pdf] [Slides] [Abstract]
      Jason Katz-Brown and Michael Collins

System Description of NiCT-ATR SMT for NTCIR-7 [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Keiji Yasuda, Andrew Finch, Hideo Okuma, Masao Utiyama, Hirofumi Yamamoto and Eiichiro Sumita

NTT SMT System 2008 at NTCIR-7 [Pdf] [Slides] [Abstract]
      Taro Watanabe, Hajime Tsukada and Hideki Isozaki

NTCIR-7 Experiments in Patent Translation based on Open Source Statistical Machine Translation Tools [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Ze-Jing Chuang and Yuen-Hsien Tseng

Effect of the Topic Dependent Translation Models for Patent Translation - Experiment at NTCIR-7 [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Takeshi Ito, Tomoyosi Akiba and Katunobu Itou

Toshiba Rule-Based Machine Translation System at NTCIR-7 PAT MT [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Tatsuya Izuha, Akira Kumano and Yuka Kuroda

NAIST-NTT System Description for Patent Translation Task at NTCIR-7 [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Mamoru Komachi, Masaaki Nagata and Yuji Matsumoto

NTCIR-7 Patent Translation Experiments at Hitachi [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Hiroyuki Kumai, Hirohiko Sagawa and Yasutsugu Morimoto

The POSTECH Statistical Machine Translation Systems for NTCIR-7 Patent Translation Task [Pdf] [Poster] [Abstract]
      Jin-Ji Li, Hwi-Dong Na, Hankyong Kim, Chang-Hu Jin and Jong-Hyeok Lee

Efficient Statistical Machine Translation Algorithm based on IBM Model 4 [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Kai Li and Yuejie Zhang

Statistical Machine Translation with Long Phrase Table and without Long Parallel Sentences [Pdf] [Poster] [Abstract]
      Jin'ichi Murakami, Masato Tokuhisa and Satoru Ikehara

Use of the Technical Field-Oriented User Dictionaries [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Tadaaki Oshio, Tomoharu Mitsuhashi and Tsuyoshi Kakita

Diversion of Hierarchical Phrases as Reordering Templates [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Mikio Yamamoto, Jyunya Norimatsu, Mitsuru Koshikawa, Takahiro Fukutomi, Taku Nishio, Kugatsu Sadamitsu, Takehito Utsuro, Masao Utiyama, Shunji Umetani and Tomomi Matsui

Patent SMT Based on Combined Phrases for NTCIR-7 [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Junguo Zhu, Haoliang Qi, Muyun Yang, Jufeng Li and Sheng Li

Cluster 4: Multimodal Summarization of Trend Information (MuST)

Overview of MuST at the NTCIR-7 Workshop -- Challenges to Multi-modal Summarization for Trend Information [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Tsuneaki Kato and Mitsunori Matsushita

T2N subtask(MuST-T)

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Extraction of Trend Information from Newspaper Articles: Hiroshima City University at NTCIR-7 MuST [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Hidetsugu Nanba

Extraction of Chronological Statistics Using Domain Specific Knowledge [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Tatsukuni Inoue, Takashi Yamamoto, Makoto Toriyabe, Erina Shimizu, Hiroya Susuki and Hiroaki Saito

A Simple Baseline Method for NTCIR-7 MuST T2N Task -Yokohama National University at NTCIR-7 MuST T2N- [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Tatsunori Mori and Rintaro Miyazaki

Trend Information Extraction Based on Relative Expression Participated on MuST T2N Subtask [Pdf] [Poster] [Abstract]
      Yasuhiro Uenishi, Fumito Masui, Tatsuaki Matsuba, Atsuo Kawai and Naoki Isu

Free subtask (MuST-F)

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Text Generation for Explaining the Behavior of 2D Charts: With an Example of Stock Price Trends [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Ichiro Kobayashi and Naoko Okumura

TDU Systems for MuST: Attribute Name Extraction, Text-Based Stock Price Analysis, and Automatic Graph Generation [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Minoru Yoshida, Takahiro Sugiura, Takamasa Hirokawa, Kouichi Yamada, Hidetaka Masuda and Hiroshi Nakagawa

Interactive Information Visualization of Trend Information [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Yasufumi Takama and Takashi Yamada

Visualization of Corpus Data by a Dual Hierarchical Data Visualization Technique [Pdf] [Poster] [Abstract]
      Takayuki Itoh and Haruho Tachibana

A Method to Visualize Numerical Data with Geographical Information using Feathered Circles Painted by Color Gradation [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Kenichi Iwata and Mariko Sasakura

Visualization for Statistical Term Network in Newspaper [Pdf] [Poster] [Abstract]
      Hideki Kawai, Kazuo Kunieda, Keiji Yamada, Haruka Saito, Masaaki Tsuchida and Hironori Mizuguchi

Sophisticated Text Mining System for Extracting and Visualizing Numerical and Named Entity Information from a Large Number of Documents [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Masaki Murata, Tamotsu Shirado, Kentaro Torisawa, Masakazu Iwatate, Koji Ichii, Qing Ma and Toshiyuki Kanamaru

Toward Automatic Support For Japanese Lay Judge System - Processing Precedent Factors For Sentencing Trends Discovery [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Rafal Rzepka, Masafumi Matsuhara, Yasutomo Kimura, Keiichi Takamaru, Hideyuki Shibuki and Koji Murakami

Verbal Expression of Time Series with Global Trend and Local Features [Pdf] [Abstract]
      Motohide Umano and Naoyuki Koizumi