ASJ Continuous Speech Corpus for Research (ASJ-JIPDEC)

Data DOI

Producer, Project

Speech Database Committee, Acoustical Society of Japan
Intelligent Speech Processing Research Committee, Japan Information Processing Development Center
AI Fuzzy Promotion Center, Japan Information Processing Development Center


Vols. 1-3: Read speech of ATR's 503 phonetically balanced sentences

Vols. 4-6: Read speech of transcribed text of played dialogues (16 sets)

Vol. 7: Played dialogues (37 dialogues)


Vols. 1-3: 64 speakers (30 males and 34 females).

Vols. 4-6: 36 speakers (18 males and 18 females).

Vol. 7: 37 speakers (29 males and 8 females).

Speech file format

RAW format (16 kHz, 16 bit (partly 12 bit), Mono, BigEndian)

Distribution media

1 CD-ROM for each volume


For research purpose only


500 yen per volume, 3500 yen for a set of 7 volumes

and service charge including postage 1000 yen

(plus consumption tax for a domestic order)

Further information

PDF file


This corpus was distributed by Japan Information Processing Development Center (JIPDEC) until Feb., 2007.

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