33. Transcription Corpus of First-encounter Conversations by Elderly Women (TDU-Kao)

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Producer, Project

Prof. Naoki Mukawa, Tokyo Denki University

Makiko Hiraishi, Kao Corporation


A transcription corpus of daily conversations between elderly women who have never met each other before, with the aim of investigating ways to support elderly people in establishing new friendships. No particular theme for the conversation was specified.

  1. First-encounter conversation in real environment

    Eight healthy women over 70 years old were divided into two groups, and 12 conversations were recorded in pairs within each group. Each conversation takes about 10 minutes. (Distribution data is 9 conversations, excluding conversations in which one specific woman participates.)

  2. First-encounter conversation in remote environment

    The recordings were made using the video conferencing system Zoom with 8 women who were different from 1. After the first recordings, second recordings were also made two weeks later. Each conversation takes about 10 minutes.

This corpus consists of time-mapped texts for commercial audiobooks.

The total of 74 audiobooks (24 novels) were selected from a large number of commercial ones for speech synthesis research.

*NOTE* Audio data is not included in this corpus.


16 elderly women

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(Speech files are not included)

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1 CD


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All documents are written in Japanese.

Sample data

First-encounter conversation in real environment

開始時間 - 秒.ミリ秒 終了時間 - 秒.ミリ秒  ID1  ID3
23.71  27.388  フランスのあの ま ああアートフラワーみたいなものですけど	
26.499 27.723    はいはいはいはいはい。
27.91  31.99   あの 高い何万もする物は買えないから	
31.545 31.957    えーえー。
32.104 33.325  五千円位ですけど	
33.494 34.848  水変えなくて良いし	
35.209 36.098  お見舞いとかにも	
36.281 37.979  病院に持っていっても匂わないでしょ?。	
38.321 38.883    あらー。
38.883 40.208    良い事教えて頂いた。
39.111 39.951  で ベッドルーム	
40.063 41.604  ベッドの所にも置けるし	
41.713 41.969    ええ。
42.028 45.197  安いんだったらもう三千五百円位からあります。	

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