23. Speech database of Aragusuku Dialect (Aragusuku)

Data DOI


Producer, Project

Institute for Japanese Culture and Classics, Kokugakuin University

  Prof. Mariko Kuno, Kokugakuin University

  Prof. Makoto Kuno, Kochi University

  Prof. Makio Oono, Iwate University

  Prof. Takao Sugimura, Fukuoka University of Education


This corpus contains words, short sentences and a song of Simoji dialect in Aragusuku islands of Ya’eyama islands, which belongs to Ryukyu islands. The words and short sentences were chosen from the viewpoint of phonemic and grammatical studies. The song, called ‘Jiraba’, is sung during seasonal festival wishing rich harvest.

The Aragusuku Islands are composed of Shimoji and Kamiji Islands. At present, Shimoji Island is uninhabited and the island dialect is dying. Instead, Shimoji dialect is a valuable dialect which keeps relatively ancient forms indicating its relation with Miyako dialects.

Recording year

1990, 1991


1 male speaker (1 or 2 males for singing)

1 or 3 files per item

Recording environment

In a hotel room

Speech file format

WAV format (44.1 kHz, 16 bit, Stereo)

Distribution media

1 CD-ROM and 1 audio CD


For research purpose only


No fee


All documents are written in Japanese.

Speech sample for test listening


Verb conjugation


Jiraba (singing)

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