20. Vowel Database: Five Japanese Vowels of Males, Females, and Children Along with Relevant Physical Data (JVPD)

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Producer, Project

Prof. Toshisada Deguchi and Dr. Ghen Ohyama, Tokyo Gakugei University

Prof. Emer. Hideki Kasuya, Utsunomiya University


This corpus has been developed in order to make the standard scientific material of spoken Japanese.

The speech data of men, women, and children ranging between 6 and 56 years of age were edited into files containing /haa, hii, huu, hee, hoo/.

The corpus also includes basic physical data on the speakers, such as their height and weight.


385 speakers (186 males and 199 females)

1 file per speaker

Recording environment

Soundproof rooms or in relatively quiet places, such as meeting rooms, studios, computer rooms, classrooms, and so on.

Speech file format

WAV format (44.1 kHz, 16 bit, Mono)

Distribution media



For research purpose only


No fee


The height and weight data is available for 284 of the 385 speakers.

Speech sample for test listening

/haa/, /hii/, /huu/, /hee/, /hoo/

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