24. Speech database of Oogami Dialect (Oogami)

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Producer, Project

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Priority Areas funded by MEXT, Japan during 1996-1998; "A basic study on the social factors in the diversification of Ryuukyuuan dialects"

  Prof. Mariko Kuno, Kokugakuin University

  Prof. Makoto Kuno, Kochi University

  Prof. Makio Oono, Iwate University

  Prof. Takao Sugimura, Fukuoka University of Education


This corpus offers actual conditions of spoken Oogami-jima dialect in the north of Miyako mainland. The data items are arranged considering phone parallelism between Southern Ryukyu and Miyako dialects. Personal idiosyncrasy and generation difference are also considered.

The Karimata dialect spoken in the opposite side of the Oogami-jima is also contained as a reference material, because it has something in common with Oogami-jima dialect in its phonemic characteristics. Both of them are valuable dialects which are suspected to disappear in the near future.

Recording year

Oogami dialect: 1994

Karimata dialect: 1996


1 or 2 male or 1 female speakers per item

2 or 3 files per item

Recording environment

Oogami dialect: in a classroom

Karimata dialect: in a hotel room

Speech file format

WAV format (44.1 kHz, 16 bit, Stereo)

Distribution media

1 CD-ROM and 1 audio CD


For research purpose only


No fee


All documents are written in Japanese.

Speech sample for test listening

Words of Oogami dialect

Verb conjugation of Oogami dialect

Numeration of Oogami dialect

Words of Karimata Dialect

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