16. X-ray Film database for speech research (X-Ray)

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Producer, Project

Prof. Kevin G. Munhall (Queen's University)

Dr. Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson and Dr. Yoh'ichi Tohkura (then of ATR)


This corpus offers the movies from high quality x-ray films compiled on CAV laserdisk.

Each speaker read phonetically contrastive sentences (about 30 sentences per speaker).

The movies yield the best dynamic view of the entire vocal tract and the complex movements of the tongue.


Canadian English: 5 speakers (2 males and 3 females)

Canadian French: 9 speakers (5 males and 4 females)

Movie and speech file format

Movie: MPEG format and DVD-Video format

Speech: WAV format (44.1 kHz, 16 bit, Stereo)

Distribution media

2 DVDs


For research purpose only


No fee

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