10. Priority Areas "Advanced Utilization of Multimedia to Promote Higher Education Reform" Speech Database (UME)

10-b. Japanese Speech Database Read by Foreign Students (UME-JRF)

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Producer, Project

Speech Database Committee of the Priority Areas Project on "Advanced Utilization of Multimedia to Promote Higher Education Reform" during 2000-2002.


Japanese Speech Database Read by Overseas Students:


141 speakers (72 males and 69 females) including native speakers of 26 languages.

Japanese Level: Intermediate – Senior

Arabic2 males1 female
Azerbaijanian1 male
Bengalese1 male
Cambodian1 male
Chinese26 males29 females
Danish1 male
English2 males1 female
Filipino1 female
French5 males1 female
Greek1 female
Indonesian4 males1 female
Korean16 males16 females
Laotian1 female
Malay2 females
Malaysian1 male1 female
Mongolian1 male2 females
Nepalese1 female
Persian1 female
Portuguese2 males
Romanian1 female
Russian1 female
Sinhalese1 male2 females
Spanish3 males1 female
Sundanese1 male
Thai6 females
Vietnamese5 males1 female

Speech file format

WAV format (16kHz, 16bit, Mono)

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Grading lists by 4 native Japanese teachers are attached.


All documents are written in Japanese.

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Utterances by native speakers of Chinese

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