ASJ Japanese Newspaper Article Sentences Read Speech Corpus (JNAS)

Data DOI

Producer, Project

The Speech Database Committee, the Acoustical Society of Japan

(Newspaper article data : the Mainichi Newspapers Co., Ltd.)


Newspaper article sentences: 155 text sets (about 100 sentences per set), 16 176 sentences in total

ATR's 503 phonetically balanced sentences: 10 text sets (about 50 sentences per set), 503 sentences in total


306 speakers (153 males and 153 females)

1 set each of contents per speaker

Recording environment

With two microphones: a head-set microphone and a desk-top microphone

Speech file format

WAV format (16kHz, 16bit, Mono)

Distribution media

3 DVD-DLs or 1 BD


For research purpose only


20 000 yen (plus consumption tax for a domestic order)

Further information

PDF file

Update information

Extract compressed speech files and reconstruct to DVD-Rs

Delete the NIST SPHERE headers from speech files

Convert speech files to wav format, correct the ruby of text sets and revise all documents (Dec. 2014)

Speech sample for test listening

Newspaper article sentences

まだ 正式 に 決まっ た わけ で は ない ので

Phonetically balanced sentences

救急車が 十分に 動けず 救助作業が 遅れている。

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