Japanese Newspaper Article Sentences Read Speech Corpus of the Aged (S-JNAS)

Data DOI


Producer, Project

Project on the Development of Senior-Assisting System by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

Prof. Kiyohiro Shikano, Nara Institute of Science and Technology

(Newspaper article data : the Mainichi Newspaper Co., Ltd.)


Newspaper article sentences: 155 text sets (about 100 sentences per set), 16 176 sentences in total ※Same as JNAS

ATR's 503 phonetically balanced sentences: 10 text sets (about 50 sentences per set), 503 sentences in total ※Same as JNAS

Task sentences, such as information retrieval: 10 text sets (50 sentences per set), 500 sentences in total


Training set: 101 speakers (51 males and 50 females, 60-79 years old)

Test set: 101 speakers (51 males and 50 females, 60-79 years old)

Recording conditions

With two microphones: a head-set microphone and a desk-top microphone

Speech file format

WAV format (16kHz, 16bit, Mono)

Distribution media

5 DVD-DLs or 2 BDs


For research and development purposes only


20 000 yen (plus consumption tax for a domestic order)

Update information

Extract compressed speech files and reconstruct to DVD-Rs

Convert speech files to wav format, correct the ruby of text sets and revise all documents (July 2015)

Speech sample for test listening

Newspaper article sentences

まだ 正式 に 決まっ た わけ で は ない ので

Phonetically balanced sentences

救急車が 十分に 動けず 救助作業が 遅れている

Task sentences for information retrieval

今日の おすすめ メニューは 何ですか?

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