35. Elderly Adults Read Speech Corpus (EARS)

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Prof. Norihide Kitaoka, Toyohashi University of Technology

(ATR phonetically balanced sentences: ATR-Promotions, Inc., Newspaper article data: the Mainichi Newspaper Co., Ltd.)


This corpus consists of Japanese read speech uttered by elderly people over 70 years old. The average age of speakers in the S-JNAS corpus is 67.6 years old, while the average age of speakers in this corpus is 83.3 years old.

Recording was conducted in a quiet room of nursing homes. The read sentences were the same as S-JNAS, but the number of utterances was reduced compared to S-JNAS in consideration of the burden on the speaker. One set of ATR's 503 phonetically balanced sentences *1 (50 or 53 sentences) or one set of newspaper article sentences (10 sentences) per one speaker were recorded.

Initially, the data are provided which collected in four prefectures: Aichi, Tokushima, Mie, and Chiba. Additional data will be provided in the future.

*1 Please refer to the [Copyright of this list] section of the "ATR 503 sentences" page before using the text. (This corpus uses the text with permission.)


123 speakers (34 males and 89 females, 70-99 years old)

Speech file format

WAV format (16 kHz, 16 bit, Mono)

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All documents are written in Japanese.

Speech sample for test listening

Phonetically balanced sentence

救急車が 十分に 動けず 救助作業が 遅れている

Newspaper article sentence

まだ 正式 に 決まっ た わけ で は ない ので

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