31. Real-time MRI Articulatory Movement Database - Version 1 (rtMRIDB)

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Producer, Project

National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (NINJAL)

(Principal Investigator: Prof. Kikuo Maekawa)

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) "Elaboration of articulatory phonetics by means of realtime-MRI and WAVE data" supported by JSPS, Japan during FY 2017-2019.

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) "Real-time MRI database of articulatory movements of Japanese" supported by JSPS, Japan during FY 2020-2023.


This database contains moving images of the midsagittal section of the vocal tract during the production of Japanese utterances, recorded at a rate of 14 or 27 frames per second by using a medical MRI system with special operating settings. A Windows desktop version of the search application is also included.*1

Each speaker uttered a total of over 1,000 words in items such as mora unigrams, mora bigrams, special mora, and narrative speaking.

Version 1 provides data on approx. 26,000 utterances recorded between 2017 and 2021 for 22 speakers. (Additional data recorded thereafter will be provided.)

*1 A web-based search application for this database is also available on the NINJAL website (see "Further information"). NII-SRC provides the desktop application and all video data.


22 speakers (14 males and 8 females)

Recording environment

MRI system (MAGNETOM Prisma fit 3T, Siemens)

Video file format

MP4 format (14fps or 27fps)

Distribution media



For research purpose only


No fee

Further information

A web version of this database is available on the NINJAL website below. Please refer to the following page for details.


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