Nagoya Institute of Technology (NIT) English sentences

SUS (Semantically unpredictable sentences)

00001The lucrative cooperatives swam the triangular connoisseur.
00002The unable worlds oversaw the nucleic accelerator.
00003The frightful sectors drew the linear militancy.
00004The allegorical sociologists arose the jubilant foothold.
00005The boundless counties nipped the expensive accusation.
00006The regrettable runways undid the unidentified text.
00007The godly sufferers froze the indigenous depletion.
00008The exuberant assurances knew the dictatorial pint.
00009The glib restaurants befell the comical graybeard.
00010The suave televisions overcame the chilly aga.
00011The clumsy thundershowers undid the honorary referendum.
00012The circumspect pedestrians drew the imperceptible buoyancy.
00013The liturgical delicacies overcame the gloomy wildlife.
00014The lofty liberties awoke the luxurious litany.
00015The indoor heights retook the northeastern impediment.
00016The uneven rites swam the feverish hub.
00017The pleasurable blockbusters mistook the fragrant accordance.
00018The ecological wrestlers overran the collectible calamity.
00019The labyrinthine cummins outdid the untrue scarcity.
00020The geomantic councils withdrew the impervious nemesis.
00021The unpretentious indications overthrew the ludicrous philanthropy.
00022The petty mangers arose the bearable borzoi.
00023The estimable duties nipped the hazardous diner.
00024The jubilant tableaux undertook the autobiographical priest.
00025The germane spasms swore the occupational predator.
00026The arty steeds outran the punchy neurologist.
00027The robust visitors grew the septic acceleration.
00028The lang giants outgrew the rotund isthmus.
00029The western examiners mistook the expensive nephew.
00030The managerial awnings swore the procedural intellect.
00031The beneficial centuries underwent the ingenious conduit.
00032The hapless artichokes froze the mournful linchpin.
00033The obscene constituents took the humane rosehip.
00034The sybaritic jottings arose the sinful servant.
00035The migratory laggards froze the replete biz.
00036The tasteful bolivars mistook the stocky brainstorming.
00037The crass gays sank the ambulatory patronage.
00038The mystical valves undertook the autonomous switchboard.
00039The available bees withdrew the unselfish mercy.
00040The spectacled reminders retook the nightmarish bogeyman.
00041The ovarian interrogators gave the bothersome adviser.
00042The innumerable suppliers overthrew the sullen cosmology.
00043The rapacious regimens strove the angelic advice.
00044The noteworthy morals forbade the anxious sunshine.
00045The indivisible sausages rewrote the presidential projection.
00046The intestinal precepts sank the persuasive ligament.
00047The apprehensive droplets begat the festive depositor.
00048The sane intangibles befell the leafy incumbency.
00049The receptive bayous rewrote the tradable lifeblood.
00050The respiratory orchestras outran the mignon debenture.
00051The administrative cockfights ran the didactic wardrobe.
00052The wary submariners overtook the stellar stubble.
00053The hesitant affidavits undertook the bashful maestro.
00054The wholesome tinkerers began the illustrative inviolability.
00055The informative discos nipped the prescient bravado.
00056The interscholastic fragrances strove the industrial plaid.
00057The messy princes forbade the preclinical timer.
00058The catholic musicals ate the accountable newness.
00059The renowned traits outran the turbulent kingdom.
00060The agrarian grams overran the counterproductive tablespoon.
00061The unquestioned folders sprang the abject ability.
00062The sluggish industries overtook the sinister fiat.
00063The portly spinners drew the hidebound organist.
00064The amicable chests became the unprepared cockroach.
00065The doctrinal artisans outran the combative percentile.
00066The expansive premiums begat the necessary manhood.
00067The mysterious bullets began the mythological browser.
00068The naturalistic concepts rang the identical zombie.
00069The vernal statues drank the merciless warhead.
00070The hidebound planters arose the silvery caliber.
00071The copious men overran the conscientious disposal.
00072The sluggish radicals overran the exercisable embezzlement.
00073The droll sacraments undertook the spotty opera.
00074The frightful barometers sprang the abject coupon.
00075The repentant tuneup drew the magical tsarina.
00076The unseeded hemophiliacs overcame the pregnant chunk.
00077The breathtaking blockers arose the unsung nursery.
00078The navigational animations woke the frumpy whit.
00079The replete meteorologists overran the involuntary forecaster.
00080The snobbish longshoremen forbade the topical morphine.
00081The picky consulates outgrew the important aberration.
00082The legendary reservations mistook the aesthetic fanaticism.
00083The chaotic tribulations woke the extraterrestrial quadrille.
00084The searchable veterans froze the uncouth disservice.
00085The genital sprinklers wore the rainy sirloin.
00086The cruel onlookers outdid the juvenal joe.
00087The dishonest audiences began the corny rosemary.
00088The unsightly portrayals became the tepid fighter.
00089The salty controversies outdid the geometric monoxide.
00090The legible diversions awoke the blatant brilliance.
00091Where does the press waste the green court?
00092When does the art catch the fair song?
00093Why does the gas abstract the warm trade?
00094How does the glass thank the wrong hand?
00095When does the course convict the free bank?
00096Where does the earth toss the tall sign?
00097How does the age feel the sure speech?
00098Where does the strength permit the fine choice?
00099When does the flow guide the blue front?
00100Why does the jazz hit the brown bar?

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