9. IPSJ SIG-SLP Speech Recognition Evaluation Environment

9-a. Noisy Speech Recognition Evaluation Environment (CENSREC-1 ⟨AURORA-2J⟩)

Producer, Project

Noisy Speech Recognition Evaluation Working Group,

Special Interest Group on Spoken Language Information Processing,

Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ)


Common platform for evaluating independently speech recognition accuracy and speech interval detection under noisy environment. "CENSREC" stands for "Corpus and Environment for Noisy Speech RECognition."

CENSREC-1 (AURORA-2J) is a Japanized version of the AURORA-2 database.


Training data:
110 speakers (55 males, 55 females) 8440 utterances in total.
Test data:
104 speakers (52 males, 52 females) 4004 utterances in total.

Speech file format

RAW format (8kHz, 16bit, Mono, BigEndian)

Distribution media



For research and development purposes only


No fee

Further information


Speech sample for test listening

Digit strings same as the AURORA-2 (but it was uttered in Japanese)

Noise environment: Subway

Utterance: 1 (/ichi/)

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