NTCIR-10 Conference


How to apply for Visa Support document

  • When you apply your visa* to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate in your area, to enter into Japan for the purpose of participating in NTCIR-10 Conference, if you need any document issued by our office, first we need all the Information below:

    - Your registration No. to participate in NTCIR-10 Conference;

    - Confirmation that you have finished the payment by credit card in advance regarding your participation in NTCIR-10 Conference;

    - Task name in which you belong.

    If you have not completed your registration to participate in NTCIR-10 Conference, Please register for participation on-line and pay the Registration Fee in advance by credit card.


  • When we have confired that you have completed payment by credit card in advance, we will send you "Entry sheet for Visa Support document" Form to be filled out by you.

  • 1. To fill out the "Entry sheet for Visa Support document", you need to finish the followings:

    - To Book a Flight (to and from Japan) yourself;

    - To Book Hotel in Tokyo, Japan yourself.

    Please fill out the Form completely and send it back to our office by e-mail.

    2. When you send us your e-mail, please include the following Declaration in your e-mail phrase:


    I [your name] will have a responsibility for the following items by myself:

    1. Expenses for stay in Japan;
    2. Booked Return flight ticket (Travel expenses);
    3. Compliance of Japanese laws and regulations.

    Then we will send you the necessary documents prepared by us (based on: "Entry sheet for Visa Support document" filled out by you, and such Declaration phrase above included in your e-mail), which will be attached to your Visa Application to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate in your area.

    You yourself will apply visa to come to Japan to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate or such relevant offices in your area with the Visa application form provided by such offices. Please contact them and get the application form. It may take certain period to get the visa, so please apply well in advance.

    NTCIR Visa Support Office

    E-mail : ntc10-visa@nii.ac.jp
    Tel : +81-3-4212-2750
    Fax : +81-3-4212-2751

    *Please see the Guide to Japanese Visas:

Last modified: 2013-05-24