NTCIR-17 Conference

VISA application support documents & Invitation letters

How to apply for Visa Support documents

  • If you need a VISA to enter Japan to attend NTCIR-17 Conference and EVIA 2023 and need the VISA Support documents, please fill the information in the excel file, and send the excel file to NTCIR-17 Visa Support Office at: ntc17-visa[at]nii.ac.jp

  • *For reference: the Guide to Japanese Visas:

Invitation letters

If you need an invitation letter for any purpose other than VISA application (for example, for your university to ask permission for leave, or for grant application, etc.), please fill the information in the text file, and send the text file to : ntc17-letter[at]nii.ac.jp .

Last modified: 2023-10-12