Important Dates

Upcoming Events

Jun-Nov 2018:
Task registration due*
Jun 2018:
Dataset release*
Jun-Aug 2018:
Dry run*
Aug 2018- Jan 2019:
Formal run *
Feb 1, 2019:
Evaluation results return
Feb 1, 2019:
Task overview release (draft)
Mar 15, 2019:
Submission due of participant papers (draft)
May 1, 2019:
Final submission due of all camera-ready papers (task overview papers / participant papers)
June 10-13, 2019:
NTCIR-14 Conference & EVIA 2019 in NII, Tokyo, Japan

Event with * vary across tasks. For the latest and detailed schedule, please visit each task website.


Past Events


  • Please understand that we are out of business on Saturday, Sunday and the national holidays.
    National holidays in Japan:
    - 2018:
    Jul 16th(Mon), Aug 11th(Sat), Sep 17th(Mon) and 24th(Mon), Oct 8th(Mon), Nov 3rd(Sat) and 23rd(Fri), Dec 24th(Mon), from Dec 29th(Sat) to 31th(Mon),
    - 2019:
    Jan 1st to 3rd, 14th(Mon), Feb 11th(Mon), March 21th(Thu), April 29th(Mon), From May 3rd(Fri) to 6th(Mon)

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