NTCIR-11 Conference


How to apply for Visa Support document

  • If you need an invitation letter or other documents for VISA application, please contact Registration office at :

  • For VISA application support for NTCIR-11 conference, we need the Information below.
    However, until open online registration site, we are accepted application in advance. *Please note that we would send the documents after confirm to finish the registration. If any questions or problems, please contact the above mentioned email address.*

    - Your registration No. to participate in NTCIR-11 Conference (and confirm the payment for it).

    - Task name in which you belong.

  • If you need an invitation letter for other purpose, please also contact the above mentioned email address and ask invitation letter with specifying the purpose.

  • *For reference: the Guide to Japanese Visas:

Last modified: 2014-11-07