User Agreement Forms (for Task Participant)

To participate the 13th NTCIR

After online registration, you need to submit the user agreement forms for each collection.
Please download, make two copies in double-sided print, sign on both copies, and send them by postal mail or courier to the address below.
After the agreement is concluded, we will provide the data or information on how to download the data.

NTCIR Project Office (Rm.1309),
National Institute of Informatics
2-1-2 Hitotsubashi Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 101-8430, JAPAN

Phone: +81-3-4212-2750
FAX: +81-3-4212-2751

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For more detailes, please see 'How to participate' page.

User Agreement Forms for the 13th NTCIR Participants

Task  Test Collection
Lifelog-2 Task (Personal Lifelog Organisation & Retrieval) NTCIR-13 Personal Lifelog Organisation & Retrieval Task Participant Test Collection
MedWeb Task (Medical Natural Language Processing for Web Document) NTCIR-13 Medical Natural Language Processing for Web Document Task Participant Test Collection
OpenLiveQ Task (Open Live Test for Question Retrieval) NTCIR-13 OpenLiveQ Task Participant Test Collection
QALab-3 Task (QALab for Entrance Exam) Essay Question Subtask NTCIR-13 QA Lab for Entrance Exam: Essay Question Subtask Participant Test Collection
Multiple-Choice Question Subtask NTCIR-13 QA Lab for Entrance Exam: Multiple-Choice Question Subtask Participant Test Collection
Term Question Subtask NTCIR-13 QA Lab for Entrance Exam: Term Question Subtask Participant Test Collection
STC-2 Task (Short Text Conversation) - Chinese task NTCIR-13 Short Text Conversation Task Participant Test Collection *For Chinise task*
STC-2 Task (Short Text Conversation) - Japanese task NEWThe Japanese user agreement form is sent individually after registration of STC Japanese task.
*Please note* user agrement form prepared for STC Japanese task is Japanese version only. The announcement and instruction of the Task being conducted in Japanese. You should need to fully understand those Japanese messages to participate in Japanese task.
AKG Task (Actionable Knowledge Graph) NTCIR-13 Actionable Knowledge Graph Task Participant Test Collection
ECA Task (Emotion Cause Analysis) NTCIR-13 Emotion Cause Analysis Task Participant Test Collection
NAILS Task (Neurally Augmented Image Labelling Strategies) NTCIR-13 Neurally Augmented Image Labelling Strategies Task Participant Test Collection
WWW Task (We Want Web) NTCIR-13 We Want Web Task Participant Test Collection

For more details Description of data sets for NTCIR-13 Participants, please visit each task website.
Test Collections used in the Previous NTCIR Workshop

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