NTCIR-10 Conference

Online Registration to the NTCIR-10 Conference

Welcome to NTCIR-10 Conference and EVIA 2013

There are no differences between the task participants and non-task delegates regarding the fee and the materials that you will receive at the conference. We welcome non-task delegates to join the conference and discussion.

Online Registration ( Until June 8 )

Online registration will close at midnight, June 8, Japan time (extended ).

Online registration for student without payment will close on may 31.

*If you will register as student without proceedings, but purchase any extra ticket, please register from upper link for the registration form.

*Only in the case that the payment by a credit card is not acceptable by
your organization, the bank transfer is available. Please consult the NTCIR Project Office at:

online registration will close at midnight, June 5, Japan time.

On-site Registration ( After June 9 )

On-site registration is available. But please notice that the payment shall be in cash only at on-site.


Registration Fee for NTCIR-10 Conference
 Category  Online Registration On-site
 (From June 9)
 Early Registration
(Until *May 15(closed)*)
(From May 16 to June 8(extended)) 
Full registration (non-students)  JPY
Student (full ) JPY
Student (with proceedings)  JPY
Student (without proceedings)  JPY

Additional Proceedings / Ticket  Online Registration/On-site 
Additional Proceedings (CD-ROM of 'the proceedings
(both EVIA 2013 and NTCIR-10 Conference)' and'the evaluation results') 
JPY 5,000 
Student Banquet  JPY 6,000 
Accompanying person Banquet  JPY 7,000 
Student Lunch (per day)  JPY 1,500 
Accompanying person Lunch (per day)  JPY 1,500 

* All the registration categories include access to all the sessions in the meeting (both EVIA and NTCIR-10 Conference), access to online proceedings and coffee (June 18-21).
* "Full registration" and "Student (full)" includes one CD-ROM of 'the proceedings (both EVIA 2013 and NTCIR-10 Conference)' and 'the evaluation results', a banquet and three lunches (June 19-21).
* "Student (with proceedings)" registration includes one CD-ROM of 'the proceedings (both EVIA 2013 and NTCIR-10 Conference)' and 'the evaluation results'.
* "Student (with proceedings)" and "Student (without proceedings)" can purchase "Student Banquet" and the "lunch" tickets. Online registration is required for these tickets.
* Online proceedings will be available for free from June 18, 2013. It is also available to access at the conference venue by wireless LAN.

Cancellation Policy

In case of cancellation, written notification should be sent to the NTCIR Registration Office by May 10.
Refunds will be made according to the following guidelines.

Until May 10, 2013: 100% refund of registration fees
From May 11, 2013: No refund

Student ID

Student registraion (either full, with or without proceedings) requires a valid student ID. Please bring your student ID with you at the conference venue. Without student ID, you may be requested to re-registere as "full registration".

Contact Us

Any inquiries concerning registration should be addressed to:

NTCIR Registration Office
c/o ICS Convention Design, Inc.
Chiyoda Bldg., 1-5-18, Sarugakucho, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 101-8449 Japan
Phone: +81-3-3219-3600
FAX: +81-3-3219-3577
E-mail: ntcir10_reg@ics-inc.co.jp

Last Modified: 2013-06-04