NTCIR-12 Conference

Paper Submission Instructions

For Task Participants

This page is for participants in NTCIR-12 tasks.
Anyone who did not participate in the NTCIR-12 tasks but is working on information access evaluation methods is invited to submit a paper to EVIA 2016, a satellite workshop of NTCIR-12.
We welcome submissions to EVIA 2016 from NTCIR-12 Task Prticipants, too!

Poster and Demo Sessions   Oral Presentations   Paper for the Proceedings  

Poster and Demo Sessions

Every NTCIR-12 task participant is expected to present a poster at the NTCIR-12 conference.

Instructions for Poster and Demo Sessions

Oral Presentations

In addition to the poster presentation, a few participants for each task will be selected to give an oral presentation of their work at the NTCIR-12 Conference. The selected participants will be contacted by the task organisers by April 20.

Oral Presentation Guideline

Paper for the Proceedings

---See the instructions below.

Every team is required to write a paper for each task that it participated in (not for each subtask). For example, if you participated in the IMine task and the MedNLPDoc task, you need to write two papers. Your papers will be included in the NTCIR-12 Proceedings, which will be publicly available online. Please follow the guideline on the web below.

If you have any problems or questions about the electronic submission process using the EasyChair system, please feel free to contact task organizers (Visit individual task links).


What you submit:

For the proceedings of NTCIR-12, you need to submit: (1) Draft paper, (2) Fixed metadata (title, abstract and authors), (3) Final camera-ready copy, and (4) Copyright transfer form.

・For (1), (2), (3): Submission must be made through NTCIR-12 submission system. The recommended submission format is 'NTCIR sample'. Please refer here.

・For (4): please send it to NTCIR Office by e-mail, postal mail or courier.

(1) Draft paper (Due: March 1, 2016)

・ A draft paper is a paper that describes your work just like a normal academic paper. It must be as complete as possible (including references).

・ It is called a "draft" paper because we have a feedback period by task organizers, who will read draft papers and provide some comments for enhancement or modification or clarification if appropriate.

・ During the feedback period, please try to revise your paper as much as you can, based on the comments and suggestions from task organizers.

(2) Fixed metadata (Due: April 15, 2016)

・ You need to finalize the title, author names, and affiliations of your paper by this date, using the submission system.

・ This metadata is fixed as a final form, and will be used for all subsequent publications (e.g. Proceedings, website, etc.).

・ Please follow the instruction from task organizers, who will collect all data from participants.

・If you need to change the metadata after the above date, please contact NTCIR Proceedings Team immediately at ntc-proc@nii.ac.jp

(3) Camera-ready copy (Due: May 1, 2016)

・After revision and enhancement based on those comments, the final camera-ready copy must be submitted no later than May 01, 2016 in PDF. (Please understand this is really firm deadline!)

*Please make sure you produce a high quality or a press quality PDF with all necessary fonts embedded, and disable all security options.

How to Create a PDF With embedded fonts:

Please use the form we provide for the Proceedings NTCIR-12: [PDF] or [TEXT].
( How to write 'Date' column : e.g. May/1/2016 (month/day/year ) )

Please fill in the form and submit it to us electronically (scanned file with signature) by e-mail or by postal mail by May 1, 2016.

- E-mail address: ntc-proc@nii.ac.jp
- Postal Address:
NTCIR Project Office:
National Institute of Informatics, Rm 1309 2-1-2
Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-8430 Japan
Phone: +81-3-4212-2750


Where to submit the paper:

We are using the EasyChair conference management system to track submissions for the conference. Please submit your paper through following NTCIR-12 submission system, and select an appropriate track for your participating task when you submit a paper:


Note that tracks in EasyChair are equivalent to tasks in NTCIR.

If you have any problems or questions about the electronic submission process using the EasyChair system, please feel free to contact the appropriate task organizer.

Style File and Template:

Submitted papers should be in the ACM Conference style (paper size: Letter 215.9x279.4) and must be submitted as pdf files.

*The submitted PDF files must be with all necessary fonts embedded - in the text and the figure. Please check it again in the figure words.

*Please refer to Task Name in the Title
Task Name should be clearly shown in the title. "Task Name" means either of IMine, MathIR, MedNLP, MobileClick, SpokenQuery&Doc, Temporalia, Lifelog, QALab, or STC)
Ex. [Query Understanding for NTCIR-IMine]

*About the Title:
- The first letter in a sentence: capitalize the first letter of a sentence.
- The Subtitle: the subtitle set apart by a colon(‘:’).

*Unique fields to NTCIR
Please insert the information below between 'Keywords' and '1. Introduction'.

- 'Team Name'
 Your official team name. This is usually the prefix of your run names.
Ex. [Forst] [NEXTI]

- 'Subtasks'
 List up all subtasks that you participated, with the language information.
 Ex. [Query Understanding Subtask (Chinese)]
 [Phenotyping task]
 [English iUnit Ranking]
 [Temporal Intent Disambiguation (TID) Subtask (Chinese)]
 [Lifelog Semantic Access subTask (LSAT) (English)]
 [Japanese subtask (Phase3:National Center Tests(Multiple-Choice type questions))]
 [Chinese task]

*No Copyright Block needed

The ACM template gives instructions to leave blank text box at the bottom of the left column of the first page for the copyright notice.
Regardless of this instruction, no blank text box or no copyright notice is needed when you write a paper for the NTCIR-12 and EVIA Proceedings. Please ignore it.
The NTCIR Samples shown above has already removed the copyright block, so we recommend to use it.

How to remove your copyright block: http://www.acm.org/sigs/publications/sigfaq#a21


Page limit

Each paper must not exceed 8 pages.


  • (1) Manuscripts of task overview will be partially available by Februaly 1.
    Please cite the overview paper of the task that you participated in, and do not repeat the information provided in the overview paper. That is, please avoid redundancy.
  • (2) Papers in the Proceedings will be also published on the Web in the form of PDF files.

If you have any questions, please contact: ntc-proc@nii.ac.jp

Last modified: 2016-04-25