NTCIR-13 Conference

Poster and Demo Sessions Instructions

Presentation of Posters/Demos

Every NTCIR-13 active task participant team is required to make a presentation at Poster and Demo session (irrespective of oral presentation). If you are participating more than one task, please prepare one Poster for each task.

At the Poster and Demo sessions, you can choose your presentation style as follows:
a) Poster and Demo: combination of a demonstration of your software, slides or movies using a PC, and a poster.
b) Poster: a paper poster only.
Either style is fine.

Presentation slides and posters used in the Poster and Demo sessions will be made publicly available together with your paper in the online proceedings page, if you agree. For more details, please see here.

What you do:

(1) Submit 'Poster Form' electronically (Due: Nov 20, 2017)

All active participant teams who submitted the results need to submit a 'Poster Form' electronically for your presentation style, and what you need for Demonstration (a table/an electric outlets).

(2) At the Poster and Demo Sessions

For Poster and Demo Session, please bring your poster and PC (if you need) at the conference with you.
You are requested to assign a presenter to be present next to the poster during the following session time for questions and discussion.

*Please do not forgot to pick up your poster after the conference program on the day.

(3) During or after conference

During or after conference, please send us your poster PDF and presentation slides, if you agree that to make it publicly available together with your paper in the online proceedings page. For more info, please see here.


Facilitys and Spaces

Spaces of Poster/Demo:

The spaces for display postered on the board width 90 * height 190 cm with pins. Board and Pins will be provided. Please prepare your poster as A0 size or less. Please print out a poster in the appropriate size for the board in advance and bring it with you.

Facility for Demonstration (need to apply):

Please use your PC for demonstration. If you plan to make such a demonstration and/or any kind of special exhibition using table/electric outlets, please let us know through 'Poster Form' in advance. Wireless Internet access will be available at the demonstration site.
The table size: width 150cm x depth 60cm x height 70cm


Poster and Demo Session Schedule

The poster sessions are scheduled as follows:

  • Day-3:Lunch Time (From 13:00 To 15:00), December 7 (Thu): STC, AKG, MedWeb
  • Day-4:Lunch Time (From 12:20 To 14:20), December 8 (Fri): QALab-3,Lifelog-2, WWW, NAILS, OpenLiveQ, ECA, NTCIR-14


Please send your poster PDF for Proceedings (During or after the Conference)

Presentation slides and posters used in the Poster and Demo sessions are very informative to know the achievements of the researches done in NTCIR-13. We recommend you to provide us your files.

If you agree to make your presentation materials publicly available together with your paper in the online proceedings page, please make your poster or presentation ppt files into PDF format and rename your files with all the required information:

NTCIR13-[TASK]-[Family Name and Iinitial of the paper's first author]_['poster' or 'slides']. pdf

For example:
Task: Lifelog-2, First author of the paper: Noriko Kando

Please rename the files as below:

File name of the poster:

File name of the slides:

And please send them to ntc-proc@nii.ac.jp during or after the conference. (We are glad if you send us by December 15, 2017)



  • 1. If you have any questions, please contact: ntc-poster@nii.ac.jp
  • 2. Poster allocation and wireless LAN access information will be announced later.
  • 3. For confirmation, every active participating team must submit the Poster Form even if you have no special request. Thank you.

Last modified: 2017-11-06