User Agreement Forms (for Task Participant)

Transfer task

For the NTCIR-17 Transfer task, we will use the test collections built in NTCIR-1 and NTCIR-2, which are referred to as "Test Collection 1" and "Test Collection 2". To use this data, it is necessary to submit user agreement forms. If you do not have both test collections, please download the agreement forms for "Test Collection 1" and "Test Collection 2" from the link below and follow the instructions to submit the user agreement forms. Once confirmed, the IDR Office will provide information on the data at a later date.

1. Download the user agreement forms

Please download the following agreement forms and fill out each PDF file, leaving the date blank. Then, print out copies of each form double-sided, and put your sign on each form.

2. Submission of the filled-in and signed PDF data

Please scan the filled-in and signed agreement forms and send the PDF data of each form to the following two email addresses. One PDF data for each form is sufficient.

  • IDR Office, NTCIR Team:

  • NTCIR Office:

IDR: The Informatics Research Data Repository (IDR) is a joint data-sharing project for datasets operated by the Dataset Shared Use Research and Development Center (DSC) at the National Institute of Informatics (NII). IDR provides a service to accept various datasets from private companies, universities, and researchers and provide them to other researchers for their research purposes. The NTCIR test collections are also distributed through IDR.

3. Sending the original documents

Please send the original copies of each agreement, two copies for each agreement. After NII signs them, one copy will be returned to the participant as a receipt.

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Last modified: 2023-05-15